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How to wash a down jacket? We suggest what to do to prevent the down from collapsing

How to wash a down jacket?  We suggest what to do to prevent the down from collapsing

We should do laundry no more than once a year. At the same time, it should be remembered that drying is as important as the washing itself. Inadequately dried jacket may differ from its original appearance. How to do both of these steps properly? We advise.

How to wash a down jacket? Remember to choose the right means

it is worth adapting to the recommendations on the label. However, if we have cut it or it has already faded, use a gentle program. The temperature should be a maximum of 30 degrees, and the spin 400. Before throwing the jacket into the drum, remember a few things:

  • cleaning the liquid and powder container,
  • checking that there are no sharp parts protruding from the drum that could damage the jacket,
  • cleaning the drum with a damp cloth,
  • emptying the pocket in the jacket,
  • fastening all zippers and turning the jacket inside out.

We wash down jackets only with detergents intended for down washing. Instead of a rinse aid, we can use a few drops of fragrance oil.

Drying a down jacket. What to look for?

In the absence of a tumble dryer, the down jacket must be dried “by hand”. In practice, this means that it should be placed in a ventilated place, away from direct heat sources. If you want to keep it after drying, it is worth breaking it with your hands from time to time, i.e. shaking it and gently patting the jacket. The whole process can be time consuming, but this way our jacket will still look amazing.

A proven way to get packed fluff. Thanks to it, washing a down jacket will be even easier

Another way that might be tennis balls. They are best for natural down. By tossing a few clean tennis balls into the washing machine drum, we will make it break naturally.

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