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These potted flowers for the home are beautiful and undemanding. Everyone can handle their care

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Beautiful and showy plants at home. A properly selected variety can wonderfully decorate the interior of our home, also if we are in a hurry or simply undercutting, transplanting and other treatments are black magic for us. How to choose them? We advise.

Sternberg’s herb – perfect flowers for the bedroom. They have many properties

This plant boasts not only but also unique properties. The herb works like a filter in the apartment. It removes harmful substances and bacteria from the air, and at the same time increases the amount of oxygen and moisturizes the air. Hence, it is very often chosen as a flower for the bedroom, but not only. Contrary to appearances, its cultivation is not difficult. Chlorophytum will adapt to any lighting conditions, as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight, which could burn its leaves. It should be watered approximately every 2 days with a moderate amount of water. We need to replant the herb only when its roots start sticking out of the pot’s openings.

Zamiokulkas zamiolistne are potted home flowers that are resistant to almost any conditions

Zamiokulkas is another green plant that, although it grows slowly, can ultimately reach up to 100 cm in height. This will be . Due to the fact that the plant accumulates water in its rhizomes, it can cope with drought even for several weeks. In the case of zamiokulkas, excess water can lead to leaf fall. The lighting conditions are not particularly important for this variety, so we can put it anywhere in the house.

When choosing flowering potted flowers, it is worth taking a closer look at the pteroflower

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The Peace Lily is a plant that can bloom all year round if properly cared for, and this is not complicated. It should be watered about twice a week. The sign that best shows this moment is the characteristic “leaf lay”. After receiving the water, they quickly return to their original form. However, he will do well. In this variety, remember to gently collect dust from the leaves. This activity can be counted towards home cleaning and it can be done when cleaning the apartment. An additional advantage of the wingflower are its properties that purify the air from toxic substances.

Source: Gazeta

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