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Ainhoa ​​Arteta recounts how she was about to die: “I had to be put into a coma; I narrowly escaped”

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Ainhoa ​​Arteta granted this Thursday to ‘El Hormiguero’ her first interview after recovering from a serious infection that almost caused his death. “I almost died, although I practically didn’t find out until later,” cut the soprano, who said that she suffered “a sepsis”, caused by a “nephritic colic that was complicated”, which caused “multi-organ failure”.

I had to be put into a coma by septicemia for four or five days. I narrowly escaped“, expressed the lyrical singer, after which she pointed out that the doctors tried to use “all kinds of antibiotics” against the infection, but that her body “had generated resistance to the antibiotic” because she took them often.

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In addition, Arteta is allergic to penicillin, as indicated. However, the doctors had no choice but to try this type of antibiotic to try to save his life. “In the end I died. there was no way. And at that moment it was that I died or they gave me penicillin. If I had a very strong allergic reaction, I would die too, but the doctors had no other choice,” he said.

However, the artist knew practically nothing because, as she stated, she went from asking not to be intubated to waking up days later. “They had to take me by helicopter to the Virgen del Rocío hospital. And I the last thing i heard is that they had to intubate me, one of the things that can give us lyrical singers the most terror, since it passes through the vocal cords, so it is dangerous,” he explained.

“When I heard this, I still had strength in my hands, and I remember that I grabbed a bigardo and that’s it,” Ainhoa ​​Arteta said, adding that, in addition to being induced into a coma, he lost a finger on his right hand. “During the coma I don’t know what medicines they use, but they prevent the irrigation from reaching you. My left hand was saved because it is close to my heart and it makes more blood come, but all the fingers of the right hand were black, and now everything is grafts, both in the feet and in the right hand”, he confessed.

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Finally, the artist woke up days later “half babbling”. “it was hard for me to talk. I wanted to say a word, and it came out weird. I spent ten days in the ICU“, he affirmed, while noting that it was in an Intensive Care Unit for covid patients so he was able to “observe how they work there”. Thus, he wanted to highlight the “immeasurable value of all the health workers and doctors in the face of this whole situation” .

Source: Lasexta

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