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Marianna Schreiber shows her book. The premiere will take place in February

Marianna Schreiber is privately the wife of Łukasz Schreiber, a Law and Justice politician. She gained fame after participating in the “Top Model” program. It turns out that her book will have its premiere soon.

Marianna Schreiber publishes a book. What can we expect?

“On February 11, the premiere of my book ‘Successful Life?’, Wrote Marianna Schreiber on Twitter, presenting a cardboard box with several plays of the volumes. The work is to be written as a collection of poems.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by poetry. I loved Polish classes in high school. Undoubtedly, I am a rebellious but also a sensitive soul. When I couldn’t cope with my emotions, feelings – I poured them onto paper. In the 1st grade of technical secondary school, my Polish tutor celebrated her birthday. Then I decided to write a poem – when I read it in front of the whole class, Mariola cried

– she wrote on Schreiber (original spelling).

The wife of a PiS politician announces a book of poems: This is a way to describe feelings

As we read, from then on, the woman wrote “to the drawer”, sometimes for her husband. In September last year, however, she was offered to publish her own.

‘How is-me? I am not suitable. Who am I to publish a book with poems that I write often under the influence of emotions, because it is one of my ways to discharge them, but also a way to describe memories, events and feelings

– remembers Schreiber, who finally agreed to the offer.

In addition, the publishing house will also include photos. “The photographer who had [je – red.] perform […] – he supported me, gave me strength and encouragement. A soft whisper: ‘you can do it’ made me stronger, she recalls and emphasizes that she is glad that the item will eventually be released.

Source: Gazeta

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