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The 78-year-old prince von Anhalt adopted the 27-year-old son of friends. “They don’t mind”

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Prince Frederic Prinz von Anhalt is a German millionaire who has no children of his own. In 2016, his wife, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, died and he has been alone since then. He is now 78 and sees the signs of the passage of time. Precisely because the property would remain in the princely family and would not end up in foreign and wrong hands, he decided to adopt Kevin Feucht, the adult son of his friends. The prince reportedly chose him because he was known to be a kind, intelligent and very hardworking young man. He graduated with a degree in economics, and also runs his company, which deals with sports technology and motivates children to play football, and supports their career path. Before the prince decided to adopt him, however, he had been in contact with Kevin for seven years.

How did Kevin’s biological parents react to this unusual proposal and son’s decision? It turns out that they absolutely did not mind. Moreover, they intend to continue to maintain a friendly relationship with the prince.

He has a new birth certificate and I am his official father. His father and I are still friends. His mother and father don’t mind

said Prince von Anhalt when asked about Kevin’s adoption.

The 78-year-old Prince Frederic Prinz von Anhalt adopted the adult son of his friends. History has come full circle

From now on, Kevin Feucht, or actually Prince Kevin von Anhalt (as you can read on his Instagram), is the only legally valid heir to a large estate of Prince Frederic. This adoption, however, brings not only privileges. Kevina was obliged to change his current personal details and take the surname “von Anhalt”, thanks to which the princely lineage reaching about 1000 years will remain valid and will be passed on to the next generation. The 27-year-old also declared to live with his adoptive father and to care for him. Certain obligations will also be imposed on him, including doing housework, paying bills, operating a computer or driving the prince’s car.

As it turns out, history has, in a way, come full circle. Well, Prince Frederic was also adopted at the age of 35. His adoptive mother was the German Duchess Marie-Auguste von Anhalt. This is how he gained the princely title.

Source: Gazeta

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