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Premieres in February on Player.pl. A new season of “Professional Secret” and blockbuster films at no extra charge

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In the first place, viewers will have the opportunity to see the third season of the series “Control“, which has gained great publicity and has so far been watched over 50 million times around the world, including in countries such as the USA, Brazil, India and China. This is a story about Natalia’s stormy love, created by Natasha Parzymies, a student of the Warsaw Film School and Majka, who was born on the occasion of a chance meeting.The production also showed the night and student life in contemporary Warsaw.

Player.pl: Premieres in February 2022

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On February 10, six premiere episodes of the series that caused a global stir will be available. In the new series, Majka returns from Erasmus in Spain. During her absence, Natalia focused on making her dreams come true. After months of separation, they couldn’t wait to meet again. The turbulent times are over, now they only need themselves to be happy. And when it may seem that nothing will disturb their happiness, fate turns their lives upside down. Guest appearances in the new episodes include: Dorota Stalińska, Katarzyna Gniewkowska, Cezary Żak, Irena Melcer, Agata Różycka and Ralph Kamiński.

The next item on the agenda is second season of “Professional Secret”, which will premiere on February 22. In the second series, Julia (Magdalena Różczka) frees herself from the toxic ties between her faithless husband (Cezary Pazura) and his lover (Anna Dereszowska). However, freedom comes at a price. The man she had so far defended as the father of her children now becomes her enemy. How to fight someone you know best? Who will turn out to be Kinga Górska, with whom Julia has fought so far? The cast is joined by: Katarzyna Herman, Dorota Chotecka, Mateusz Rusin, Karolina Porcari and Marcin Czarnik.

In February, Player will appear, among others one more serial novelty. This time foreign – Russian. “Suburbia” is a suspenseful, action-packed series about a regular school in a dangerous neighborhood. Normal school in a dangerous neighborhood. Difficult youth that no one cares about. He deals with the problem of crime, drugs, sex and cruelty on a daily basis. However, how to balance law and crime, since the latter is the only chance to survive? The premiere is on February 24.

Movies in the movie package at no extra charge

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A loud film by Wojciech Smarzowski “Clergy” on Player.pl it will be available from February 4. After the premiere, the film had record viewership and attracted over five million viewers to theaters. It shows the image of the Catholic Church as an institution viewed “from the sacristy”. It sheds light on uncomfortable, difficult, often silent, but also touching topics. All this is captured through the prism of the fate of three clergymen, whose ups and downs prove that priests, like communities of the faithful, nothing human is particularly alien.

It will premiere on February 11 “Destroyer”. It is a portrait of a woman forced to relive the tragedy of twenty years ago. Erin Bell was a promising FBI agent with a prospect of a great career. Over the years, the woman has become the terror of many dangerous criminals and petty thieves. As a result of an accident that took place almost twenty years ago, she lost everything and reached its bottom. Now the destroyed woman lives thanks to her faith in revenge on the man responsible for her fall. Will Erin manage to bring justice to him years later? In the title role Nicole Kidman.

From February 11, you will also be able to watch the comedy “The man who stared at the goats“. Extremely funny black comedy based on real, but unusual events and is an adaptation of Jon Ronson’s book of the same title. Bob Wilton is a journalist looking for an interesting topic for a new reportage. Lyn Cassady, whom he meets by accident, tells him a story that is hard to believe. Claims to be a member of an experimental unit … Starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and others.

“Cold War” will be included in the service’s offer on February 18. This film is a Polish candidate for the Oscar 2019, winner of many prestigious festivals in Poland and abroad. It tells the story of the stormy love of the dancer Zula and the pianist Wiktor in the 1950s and 1960s. The fascination that turned into an obsessive feeling overcome by the prose of life is a picture based on director Paweł Pawlikowski’s memories of his parents. Joanna Kulig and Tomasz Kot, hypnotizing on the screen, play the roles of lovers.

On February 18, it will also appear on Player.pl “Delivery man” directed by Władysław Pasikowski. As befits this director, it is a sensational spy story, inspired by the mission of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański – “Kurier z Warszawy”. His lonely mission was to decide the fate of Poland and World War II. Chased by all hostile interviews, in the middle of the night he is transferred from the Savoy Hotel to Żabno, he meets people who change his life forever.

A moving and loud film directed by Jan P. Matuszyński, entitled “The last family “ the platform’s offer will be available from February 25. A moving picture of the fate of the famous Beksiński family. The action of the film takes place over 28 years, and the plot focuses on the Warsaw period of the Beksiński family. It all starts in 1977, when a young music journalist, translator and essayist Tomasz Beksiñski moves into the apartment next to his parents. Soon it becomes clear that doom is over the family.

TV programs on Player.pl

On February 24, new episodes will appear on Player.pl “Kitchen revolution “ with Magdalena Gessler. In turn, a week before the TV premiere, the website invites you to another meeting with the heroes of the series “19+”. The spring season will begin with preparations for the wedding of Kaja and Frodo. A new program will also debut on February 12 “Cupid Project”. Viewers will meet some extraordinary people – Ola, Jakub, Maja, Krystian, Marta, Sylwester, Bartek – in the autism spectrum, with Down’s Syndrome and Tourette’s Syndrome. Each of them is looking for love, so the editors of the program, with the help of experts, will try to find the perfect candidates for a blind date. In addition to the specialists present on the set, the support during the preparations as well as the companions of the talks will be: Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Przemek Kossakowski.

Another season will start on February 21 “Paradise Hotel“, which this time in Panama. On February 22, another format will start “Wedding at first sight. Further fates of the participants” – the cameras of the program will visit the participants of the previous six editions to find out what happened after the experiment. Which relationship survived? Which couple had children. Who found love outside of the program. These are the questions that fans of the program will soon find answers to. A new season will also enter on February 23 “Queens of Life”.

Source: Gazeta

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