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It started with a question about … the weather! Now they have children and celebrate their birthday on the same day

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It was 2010. Shakira was recording a music video for the song “Waka waka”, which was the anthem of the South African World Cup. She did not expect to meet the love of her life, Gerard Pique, on the set. The player appears in the video for literally a second, but he spent a little more time on the set. It turns out that the singer didn’t know at first who the cute hunk was: – “I wasn’t a soccer fan so I didn’t know who he was. But when I saw the video, I thought,” Hmm, this one is pretty cute. “And then someone decided to introduce us. “

“What’s the weather like in Africa?”

Their acquaintance began with a question about … the weather! Gerard sent her a message:

It all started when we were supposed to fly to Africa. She was already there and I wrote her a message asking what the weather was like. It was a stupid question, but I got the normal answer that I should have brought my jacket. Later we talked about it a lot and finally I wrote that we had to play in the finals so I could meet her again because she was going to perform at the closing ceremony.

recalls Gerard Pique.

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And so it actually happened. Spain won the world championship, beating the Netherlands 1-0, and Shakira performed at the closing ceremony.

When she met Gerard Pique, she was in a different relationship but broke up with her partner

in 2011, she informed the media that after 11 years of relationship, she was parting ways with her longtime partner, the son of the former Argentinean president, Antoni de la Rua: – “For over eleven years we loved each other very much, took care of each other and were together at different times in our lives. beautiful years in which mutual love and respect allowed us to create a valuable and unique relationship, “they wrote in a joint statement.

At the same time, the media increasingly reported that Gerard Pique and Shakira were meeting each other. However, the couple did not confirm this for a long time. The paprazzi followed their every step. Once they caught them leaving a restaurant together, another time at Barcelona airport. Finally, a photo of the birthday of the FC Barcelona player appeared on the network, which also featured Shakira.

The breakthrough moment was the appearance of the pair together during the “Golden Ball” gala in 2012. The whole world was then looking at the couple that shone on the red carpet.

In 2012, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby

Information began to appear in the media that Shakira was pregnant, which the star herself confirmed on her website.

As some of you know, Gerard and I are very happy waiting for the birth of our first child! We decided to prioritize this special moment in our lives, “she wrote on Instagram. Then there was an unusual pregnancy session with Shakira and Gerard Pique.” Dear friends, it is an extremely happy time for us to wait for our first baby. That’s why we would like to invite you to a baby shower. Instead of giving us a gift for our baby, we ask you to support UNICEF, which will help children all over the world to have a healthy start in life. It means a lot to us.

On January 22, 2013, the first son of the couple, Milan, appeared in the world. – “The child spends as much time with me as he does with his dad. (…) He changes his diapers, bathes him, likes to play with the baby, likes to feed him. (…) I cannot imagine doing all this alone and not letting him. my father doing part of this job, he is a huge help for me – she said in an interview with US Weekly.

In one of the interviews, Shakira also admitted that if it were not for her musical projects, she could be pregnant non-stop and would like to have eight or even nine descendants with Gerard. Two years later, on January 29, 2015, the second son of the couple Sasha appeared in the world. Shakira and Gerard gladly brag about their family photos on the network.

Why didn’t Gerard Pique and Shakira get married?

Shakira explained this in one of the interviews: “To tell the truth, she scares me. I don’t want him to see me as” wife “. I wish he would see me as his girlfriend. (…) I also want him to realize that everything is possible depending on his behavior. “

An interesting fact is that Shakira and Gerard Pique were born on February 2, with a difference of 10 years between them.

Source: Gazeta

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