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The mother of the triplets showed a surprising side effect of breastfeeding. “Why isn’t anyone talking about it?”

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At the beginning of January, Linda Jones had triplets, which due to problems with hypertension, was delivered by caesarean section at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Due to the premature delivery, the children were placed in intensive care, which prevented Jones from breastfeeding them. The woman was forced to express her milk herself, which in this case turned out to be not that simple.

She showed an unusual side effect of her pregnancy. The video went viral

– During the first pumping, I only managed to get a little colostrum (the so-called first milk right after giving birth – ed.). And then nothing happened. The lactation specialist told me to keep pumping, so I kept pumping every 2-3 hours. But I was only pumping air – milk did not come out, Jones told Today.com.

“It hurt me tremendously, and my armpits and breasts were unnaturally swollen,” Jones explained, showing her breasts swelling, which also spread to her armpits. “I posted it because I thought maybe I was one of the few people who went through it because no one really talks about it … I’ve talked to doctors and some of them had no idea it existed,” Jones explained.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about it?

I had the same!

I am very grateful for this video. I had just given birth too, and the same thing happened to me

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– Internet users wrote under the video, thanking Jones for breaking the taboo.

As explained by nurse and lactation consultant Dominique Weiss in an interview with Today.com, the glandular tissue of the breast extends all the way to the armpits, so swelling has also appeared in this area. – All women have lobules, but their location is an individual matter. Just as we are all different and each has a different cup size and breast shape, the location of the lobules may also be different – explained the nurse, referring to the lobular cells responsible for the production of the secretion of the mammary glands, i.e. milk.

Cold compresses that help to reduce swelling are helpful in this case, but first of all it is necessary to consult a specialist who will exclude other diseases and, if necessary, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Source: Gazeta

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