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She showed what the body looks like after two pregnancies. The women thank her for this photo

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all over the world is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to this, more and more people on the Internet show and make others aware that what we often see in colorful magazines, advertising campaigns or on many profiles on the Internet, usually significantly. More and more women are eager to share un-retouched photos on their profiles, openly showing that flawless bodies or a perfectly smooth complexion are usually the case.

She showed what a female body looks like after two pregnancies. “We don’t always like each other”

Marta Brylińska – instagramer, mother of two children and photography lover – published a photo in which she artistically showed what her body looks like after giving birth to two children. – One and a half years after the second childbirth. We don’t always like each other. Sometimes we have a grudge against each other. I have a grudge. Complaints that I still look like this. I was overwhelmed with anger and frustration. Still overwhelms sometimes. I took this picture of myself at the beginning of the year. And I was never supposed to put it here, but today I took the next step to make me and my body like each other more, so I put them here as a “souvenir”. Because although it can be different, they are still #normalnesprawy – she wrote.

This unique post has received many comments, including from women who, among others, they sincerely thanked her for publishing such a photo.

You have a beautiful #bodypositive body

Dear five. But I like my body already, a person worries less with age;). But you know I’m older (read smarter) so I know what I’m talking about. Not much of that, I even like more than skinny and athletic: D, more feminine, more mature

This belly has done a great job so far. Bravo belly

This body carries the most beautiful story in it

Thanks for this photo

Beautiful photo, real

Huge respect for this post! A beautiful body and a beautiful mind

Absolutely fantastic body, I think a lot of women need pictures like this here on Ig

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– we read.

Source: Gazeta

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