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The tragic accidents that have caused the deaths of actors in Hollywood filming

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Recording sets have been hit with unexpected and mysterious deaths.

The accident in which the American actor has been involved Alec Baldwin, that today he killed one person and wounded another by firing a pistol that was supposedly a blank during the filming of a movie, recalls other similarities that have taken place while filming movies or music videos.

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Actor Alec Baldwin accidentally kills cinematographer while filming movie Rust

In addition to the deceased woman, identified as the director of photography Halyna Hutchins (42 years old), the shots also wounded the director of the film, Joel Souza (48), who was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Christus St. Vincent medical center in the vicinity of Santa Fe, in the state of New Mexico (USA).

One of the most tragic accidents in Hollywood history occurred in 1982, when the actor Vic Morrow and her two sons died during the filming of The unknown dimension.

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What is known at the time of the accident in which Alec Baldwin killed and injured two members of the set

The incident occurred during the filming of a sequence, in which the character of Morrow had to get into the water with two children and take them from the shore to the other point. In the middle of this scene there were dozens of explosions that unfortunately hit the helicopter, which would also be part of the sequence. The aircraft immediately collapsed, the actor and his two sons were killed instantly. Morrow and one of the children were beheaded by the helicopter blades, while the other minor was crushed.

Another of the best known cases is that of Brandon Lee, American martial arts model and actor and son of Linda Emery and the famous martial arts artist Bruce Lee, who He died on March 31, 1993, at the age of 28, during the filming of the film The Raven, after receiving an 11 mm caliber bullet instead of a blank cartridge.

The accident occurred due to an error in the handling of real cartridges used in the filming due to lack of budget.

In January 2017, another 28-year-old young actor, Johann Ofner, died after being shot in the chest while recording a music video of hip hop, and un bar de Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The actors and the team had carried out a dress rehearsal for the shooting sequences “without testing the firearms,” ​​which was also later found to be loaded with illegal ammunition, according to the investigation.

American actor and model Jon-Erik Hexum, TV sex symbol in the 80s, died in October 2018 after spending several days in a coma as a result of the accident he suffered while filming the seventh episode of Cover Up, the series that he starred in with Jennifer O’Neil and that launched him to fame.

Hexum joked with a blank pistol being shot in the temple, an impact that was fatal, since the gun was very close to the head, the shot pierced the skull and some bone fragments damaged the brain. He had not turned 27 years old. (I)

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