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France makes it mandatory to indicate the origin of meat in restaurants

The country where the animals were raised and where they were slaughtered should be mentioned.

Restaurants, school cafeterias and canteens in France must indicate the origin of the meat served in the dishes from March 1, according to a decree published this Thursday and that extends the measure already in force for beef.

According to the Official Gazette, this labeling, which must mention the country where the animals were raised and where they were slaughtered, will also apply for an initial phase of 2 years to poultry, sheep, pig and goat meat.

“We have been waiting for this decree for two and a half years. Citizens want to know where the meat they eat in the restaurant comes from and if it is French. reassures them”, assured Anne Richard, director of Inaporc, which groups the pig sector.

The measure, which was only mandatory since 2002 for beef after the mad cow crisis, will apply to “meat that restaurateurs buy raw and not to meat bought already prepared or cooked,” according to the decree.

Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie recently explained that They respond to a legitimate demand from citizens who want better traceability and “awareness that nutrition has a very strong impact on health”.

“A Brazilian or Ukrainian chicken has nothing to do with a French chicken, which is also true for all meats,” Denormandie declared Thursday, who assured that “more than 50%” of the poultry meat served in the canteens is imported.

The minister pleads for France’s food sovereignty and for the European Union (EU) to adopt measures to protect a certain level of quality against less expensive products, but seen as nutritionally poorer and more polluting.

In South American countries, they still use antibiotics for growth, so the nutritional contribution is different and this directly affects the consumer”, said Denormandie, for whom it is an “economic and gastronomic” fight.

The measure will be in force until February 29, 2024, by virtue of an experimental phase negotiated with the European Commission. (I)

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