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Agnieszka’s death shocked Poland. We have a comment from the hospital

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On Wednesday, the family of 37-year-old Agnieszka from Częstochowa described her tragic story. In December, the woman was taken to the Provincial Hospital in Częstochowa, to the Gynecology Department. The reason was vomiting and disturbing abdominal pain. Doctors allegedly dismissed her complaints, saying that a twin pregnancy “has a right to hurt”. Unfortunately, the condition of the 37-year-old worsened, and two days after admission to the ward, the death of the first fetus was found.

“According to a medical report, her first twin died on December 23, 2021. Unfortunately, the removal of a stillborn fetus was not allowed, because it is strictly forbidden in Poland. They waited for the vital functions of the second twin to cease spontaneously” – wrote Agnieszka’s relatives.

On December 29, the second fetus died, and according to the 37-year-old’s family, doctors removed the dead fetuses manually after two days. “All this time, the decaying bodies of unborn sons were left in it. However, the priest was not forgotten in time to come to the ward and hold a funeral for the children” – emphasized in the social media post.

Unfortunately, the patient’s health deteriorated on January 23rd. Agnieszka was taken to hospital in Blachownia, where she died on January 25.

The woman got sepsis?

Agnieszka’s relatives claim that she fell ill with sepsis. “We judge this by the results, because when she was admitted to the hospital, the CRP test showed 7 units, the day before her death, it was already 157.31H (norm 5), but information about sepsis is nowhere in the documents” – wrote the relatives of the 37-year-old in statement.

We decided to ask the representatives of the hospital why the documents do not contain information about the patient’s sepsis.

“Due to the ongoing proceedings and the fact that we are waiting for the next results of the conducted tests, the hospital cannot provide additional information at this stage” – wrote us Dariusz Tworzydło from the press office of the facility in Częstochowa.

The relatives of the deceased woman also indicated that they were not allowed to see the medical records. Hospital representatives disagreed with this statement.

“The patient’s husband and daughter obtained comprehensive information provided directly by the head of the ward before transferring to neurology. In neurology, the family was also kept informed. The hospital does not have any information as to whether any of the patient’s family submitted an official request for access to medical documentation in accordance with the procedures in force at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Częstochowa, “said Tworzydło.

In addition, in a statement released on Wednesday, hospital representatives wrote that “the doctors’ behavior was not influenced by anything else, except for medical reasons and care for the patient and her children.”

As the hospital informed on Wednesday, Ms Agnieszka underwent a SARS-CoV 2 smear – the result was supposed to be negative twice. However, when the woman was already in the neurology department, she suffered from shortness of breath and her saturation dropped. “The patient was intubated. A series of subsequent tests were performed, on the basis of which the features of pulmonary embolism and inflammatory changes were found. A swab for SARS-CoV-2 was performed – the result was positive. The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate. saving the patient “- said the hospital.

Another victim of the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict?

The relatives of the women claim that they have irrefutable evidence of the crime committed, as well as attempts to conceal the causes of Agnieszka’s health. They also suggest that hospital staff provided false information about the circumstances of the twins’ deaths.

The family of the 37-year-old also indicated that her death was the result of the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of October 22, 2020, which almost completely prohibited abortion in Poland.

Let us remind you that a few months ago Poland was shocked by the case of Mrs. Izabela from Pszczyna. It has been suspected that doctors refrained from terminating the pregnancy for fear of criminal consequences. Very soon after the death of the woman, the #anijednejwiecej movement became popular, which was supposed to show that society is opposing what happened. Unfortunately, reality shows that there may be more deaths in the restrictive anti-abortion law. Agnieszka is probably another of them.

Source: Gazeta

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