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Don Medardo y sus Players celebrates their 107th album with a concert in Quito

The fifteen musicians of the well-known Don Medardo orchestra and their Players will meet their audience again at a dinner show that will take place at the Rio Amazonas hotel.

The fifteen musicians of the well-known orchestra Don Medardo and his Players they will meet again with their audience at a dinner show that will occur in the Hotel Rio Amazonas this Friday, in which they will also present their new album Volume 107.

The nicknamed “Orquesta del pueblo ecuatoriano” was founded in 1967 by Medardo Luzuriaga (+), and in its 54 years of existence it has up to now 107 albums, marked by the contagious joy of each of its traditional songs that will also be part of this new album, which does not leave out hits like Not getting married, Adventurer, Little stroll, It is never enough, This love is not touched, among others.

“It is practically a Latin American record for orchestral recordings. We are very proud, all this is due to the efforts of our father, Medardo Luzuriaga, who founded the orchestra and has always been recording two albums per year “, dice Miguel Luzuriaga placeholder image, one of the main musicians of the orchestra.

“We have done it with a lot of love and a lot of effort”He adds about the album that was recorded in Quito and mastered at Chicó Records, in Bogotá.

It indicates that this new album will preserve that tropical style that has so characterized the orchestra. “In this volume we record Tula’s room, a typical Cuban salsa, but we have done it in our South American style, with instrumentalizations (…), whenever we are recording we are thinking about the good taste of our beautiful people ”, says the musician about the album that was originally going to be released in 2020, but the pandemic did not allow it.

Luzuriaga, one of the founder’s sons, also says that the essence and style of Don Medardo and his Players is something that transcends through the years and is maintained in each show they offer or every song they record. “We are in all strata of Ecuadorian society, we can play in a dance of a town, in a compound, in a dance of the Presidency of the Republic, of a ministry, of a marriage, a neighborhood, a city (.. .), for us it is a great satisfaction ”, he says about the orchestra that it has been maintained with discipline and punctuality.

Dinner show, which promises to make everyone dance, is scheduled for this Friday at 20:00. Tickets are on sale and you can make a reservation by calling 099-362-0797 or 099-451-3253. (I)

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