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‘I am the best’: A call towards gender tolerance, against harassment in social networks and family relationships were the messages of the participants

‘I am the best’: A call towards gender tolerance, against harassment in social networks and family relationships were the messages of the participants

With their presentations, the dancers offered positive messages on different topics. In addition, the second season of the ‘reality’ was announced in 2022.

Juan del Valle opened a new installment of the eternal reality from TC Television I’m the best, this time with the theme ‘Stories danced’. Choreographed by Magno Camino, Del Valle – who arrived with immunity – began with a montage in which he called for tolerance towards homosexuality and acceptance by parents and families. I danced Bye by Sebastián Yatra, We Found Love by Rihanna and I fight (original by Laura Pausini) in the voice of Christopher Vélez. In the latter, he choreographed with a dancer. In the end, he left a very positive message.

As the voting closed, Juan explained: “It is a global problem, many families suffer from it and do not know how to handle it, so much so that many end up rejecting their children for having different inclinations. In reality, it does not make us different, we are all human beings and the only one who has the right to judge us, to point us out, is God. We wanted to give a message so that there is more acceptance, more understanding ”.

Yadira Ramón said she liked the staging. “In the dance part I liked that you got into the technical part. For my taste, dancing between two men, they could do something a little more complicated. What they did is not bad, but I do consider that there are steps or there are better parts of men where there are jumps, falls, something more abrupt; it was sentimental, but he did need to delve deeper into the style. I liked the staging. My grade is 6 ″.

Francisco Pinoargotti said that what he liked the most was the dance between men. “The story was told as for children in second grade, the rest fourth C in the gymkhana.” How fourth C in the gymkhana? Asked Carolina Jaume. Pancho replied: “I mean, very amateur.” He gave them 5 points.

“It’s so easy to come and dance the typical,” said Mafer Ríos, adding that the contestants have been asked to be more creative. “The idea is to create a story of what is happening to us and today they touched on a very controversial and sensitive topic for everyone. You took risks and were brave and that must be applauded, that must be valued “. In the end, he gave them 9 points.

With the public vote, Del Valle obtained 22 points.

It was the turn of José Andrés Caballero in the company of the dancer Jahaira Cruz with choreography by Mafer García. The actor, instead, offered a message against the bullying or harassment on social media. Stone Cold by Demi Lovato was the heartfelt song of choice.

First, Ramón addressed those who send messages “to destroy”, then he said: “Gentleman, you surprise me more and more. A nice choreography, a nice message, a nice theme. Your development as a dancer is already at a slightly more advanced level. I suggest you start working more on the extensions of your legs, although in this genre it may go a bit more unnoticed because it is a bit freer. Your work moved me. Now you danced as it should be, you are on the right track. My grade is 8 ″.

Pinoargotti said: “It’s not about whether it’s a good song or not. It is about when you can interpret it well and you can solve and give what is needed. That is, the message, but a message well conveyed. Less is more. It was simple, but it was very clear, well felt and well interpreted ”. It gave him 9 points.

Ríos told him that it has evolved in a “wonderful” way. “How do you do those spectacular loads. They are doing incredibly well and that goes hand in hand with the incredible actor that you are. ” Mafer rated it 9. With the public he reached 29 points.

In the intermission Carolina Jaume announced that there will be a second season of ‘Soy el mejor’. One of the first participants for 2022 is Ángela Orellana, who managed to qualify and win the final of the reality offered earlier in the program ‘De casa en casa’ on the same channel.

The third participant was Denisse Angulo, who danced to the choreography of Javier Ávila. The TV presenter danced to the rhythm of Life is a party and I will survive (I will survive) of the remembered Cuban singer Celia Cruz. The Afro-Ecuadorian actress Carmen Angulo -Denisse’s aunt- was invited to be part of the presentation. The message was about family relationships between mothers and children.

Ríos highlighted Angulo’s participation. Gave him 10 points.

“Involving the personal in a show is a decision of each one. I respect that, but this time it was spot on. The story you told was very beautiful. I can tell you that I have seen better shows of yours. However, for me, personally, the song by Celia Cruz seems terrible Life is a party. It is so funereal that it is done in minor tones, with a sadness. I got the message at the end, but you put the joy in the song ”. Pancho gave him 6 points.

It was Ramón’s turn. “Carmita, how beautiful to have you here, excellent actress. You look regal, I have never seen you dance so stretched out; your posture has changed. The story is very beautiful. You have done spectacular choreographies, but I see this as very basic ”. He rated it 7. With the public, Denisse added 26 points. (AND)

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