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Maribel Guardia defends herself from those who call her ‘old’

The Costa Rican actress with a long history in Mexican TV turns on social networks, either by admiration or rejection of her figure at 62 years of age.

Many would like to have their figure to, like her, show it off in revealing swimsuits, to wear tight dresses or simply to feel comfortable in their skin.

The 62-year-old actress Maribel Guardia continues to give something to talk about, and it is because of the slender body that she exhibits on her social networks, which has generated a lot of envy (some will say of the good and the healthy); and in the same amount, the critics have not been expected of those who only point to her age and brand her as “old”.

In a brief interview recorded on the YouTube channel of Edén Dorantes, a popular Mexican entertainment reporter, the Costa Rican artist showed that she cares very little about this type of comment. Upon his arrival at the Mexico City International Airport, he said: “Let them say whatever they want.”

With “ten million followers on Facebook and seven million on Instagram, and out of a thousand comments, three are bad,” said the actress with a laugh, adding that “I’m not a golden coin to be liked by everyone.”

“The hills are old, and they turn green,” he said. Finally, Guardia responded to those who criticize her: “As you see me, you will see yourself … if it goes well for you.”

According to the actress and singer, from a very young age she has dedicated time to taking care of her body, which has allowed her to show off a dreamlike figure in her sixties, with smooth and defined arms and legs, a wasp waist and a steel abdomen.

He even revealed in a video he posted on his Instagram account last year that he uses an Emsculpt machine to keep his abdomen defined. “I love taking care of my stomach. I like to keep it tight and firm, and this machine really works miracles. They don’t know how wonderful it is, ”he said on that occasion. “It makes the muscle fiber deeper and stronger.”

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