Benji Gregorythe child star of the hit TV series ‘ALF’, has died at the age of 46 years. According to his sister’s information through social networks, the theory they are considering is that the actor fell asleep in the vehicle and died of heat stroke accompanied by his dog when they were going to take out the trash.

His cousin has confirmed the same version. “Both he and his beloved service dog Hanz passed away from heat exhaustion,” she said in a Facebook post. The actor passed away on June 13, but his family announced the news on Wednesday.

The Los Angeles actor played the lead role in the 1980s film with 8 years and four successful seasonsThe series told the story of an alien and a child who shared pranks and reflections on humanity. But little Brian was not the only role he played during his acting career.

He later worked on “The A-Team,” “Punky Brewster” and “Amazing Stories.” In 2004 he put aside his acting career to become a aeronautical officer of the US Navy stationed in BiloxiMississippi, according to IMDB.