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Poles are rushing to Biedronka. Buy 2 items. You will pay 5 PLN for a blanket instead of 99. Bargains also in Lidl

Poles are rushing to Biedronka. Buy 2 items. You will pay 5 PLN for a blanket instead of 99. Bargains also in Lidl

Once in a while it’s worth doing a thorough cleaning in the bedroom and replacing the duvet and pillows with new ones. These aren’t cheap items, so it’s best to hunt them down on sale. Biedronka has prepared a great offer for the whole set. Bargains also in Lidl and JYSK.

Bedding is a place where dust mites and other microorganisms thrive. Regularly changing pillowcases is necessary to avoid irritation and ensure good sleep. Unfortunately, even the best quality duvet can be thrown away after two or three years. If you are planning to change your fabrics, now is the perfect time. There are some noteworthy promotions in stores.

Biedronka Home: promotions. You can get a duvet for a fiver

Regular bedding is especially important in the summer. We sweat more, which means that duvets and pillows get dirty faster. It’s worth having at least two sets of bedding at home, so that you can easily change them. If you want to replenish your supplies, be sure to visit Biedronka.

When you buy two pillows, you will also be able to choose a duvet for a few zlotys. The pillow measures 70×80 cm, has delicate quilting and a plant motif. The duvet has an identical pattern, a corrugated, elastic filling and measures 220×200 cm. The material minimizes the development of mites and allergens.

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Lidl: latest leaflet. 160×200 duvet on sale from Monday

On Monday, July 15, it’s worth visiting Lidl. The offer now includes a microfiber cooling blanket. It is perfect for hot weather. There are two sizes available: 140×200 cm and 160×200 cm. You can also buy pillows made of the same material. There are two sizes to choose from: 40×40 cm and 80×70 cm. Many people cannot imagine going to bed without a cover, even if it is hot, so this type of duvet is a great choice. It works by regulating body temperature and ensures a good night’s sleep.

Cooling blanketCooling blanket

JYSK: Cooling duvet 200×220 cm. Perfect for hot weather

You can also find an interesting offer for a duvet in JYSK. It has a synthetic filling and is blue in color. There are three sizes to choose from: 135×200 cm, 155×200 cm, 200×220 cm. It is a cooling product, thin and cold to the touch. It wicks away moisture better, so you won’t sweat as much as you would under a winter blanket.

Quilt with synthetic insertQuilt with synthetic insert×200-stetinden-chlodna-0?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw4ri0BhAvEiwA8oo6F1g-cKBCDoCw3qHpeLqHWxIf_vgkEJw_V1uEwm1Mz0UXp-l4QobOORoCVnAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Remember that it is best to wash the duvet once every six months. Of course, it all depends on its condition and dirtiness. This way you can be sure that you are sleeping in hygienic conditions. Always look at the labels, because you will find information there whether the duvet can be washed in a washing machine and at what temperature.

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