Nacho Cano has harshly attacked the police after being arrested for allegedly hiring irregular immigrants for his latest musical in Madrid, ‘Malinche’.

The singer has accused the agents to go after him for being “friend” of Isabel Díaz Ayuso“The police act with impunity, taking things out of context to seek an accusation, to go after me, for the sole reason that I support Ayuso. There is no other reason“he said after being released following his statement.

The Ministry of the Interior has reacted to these accusations by defending and vindicating the work and professionalism of the National Police as “guarantor of rights and freedoms of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.”

In this way, sources from the Ministry of the Interior have indicated to laSexta that the Police “has the unanimous recognition of society in hundreds of public tributes”, recalling that it is an essential institution. to ensure progress and freedom in our country. He also stressed that his work has contributed “to the consolidation of democracy.”

A moment that has been used to remember that the professionalism and vocation of public service of its more than 74,000 men and women have turned the National Police into one of the institutions “best rated in Spain”.

For its part, the Jupol union has also wanted to defend the honorability of the National Police and the integrity of each of its members in the face of Nacho Cano’s statements, which they have described as “unacceptable.”

Laura García, spokesperson for Jupol, has pointed out that the Police should be “absolutely neutral and not instrumentalized “through freely appointed positions.” “An institution that belongs to all Spaniards cannot be politicized through self-serving leaks,” he said.

A speech that ended by assuring that they believe in “the rule of law, the separation of powers and the presumption of innocence.”

What is Nacho Cano accused of?

The composer is accused of a crime against workers’ rights and, according to police sources to laSexta, of “facilitating illegal immigration.”

If these accusations were to go ahead, he could face a penalty of between two and five years in prison for the first offense of facilitating illegal immigration and for the second, from six months to six years in prison.