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Romaszewska-Guzy refutes TVP’s allegations. She slammed the station: “Like a blown shell”

Romaszewska-Guzy refutes TVP’s allegations. She slammed the station: “Like a blown shell”

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy issued a statement in connection with the notification that Telewizja Polska submitted to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw on Monday. The former director of TV Belsat refutes the allegations of the public broadcaster.

On Monday, July 8, Telewizja Polska filed a notice to the prosecutor’s office regarding a number of irregularities discovered during a review of some of the company’s costs from 2018-2023. “The crime was to consist in failure to fulfill duties and exceeding their authority by persons holding managerial positions who jointly and in agreement ordered IT services. These services either cannot be identified – there is no trace of their performance, or their prices were several dozen times overstated and economically unjustified,” the public broadcaster reported in a statement published on the TVP Information Center. The Polish Press Agency reported that it concerns the former management of TV Belsat, whose director was Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy.

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy responds to TVP’s announcement

The journalist commented on the matter a day later in a statement sent to the Polish Press Agency. The former director of Belsat TV opposed the accusations of financial embezzlement and issuing false invoices. “I strongly protest against the dissemination by TVP authorities of information suggesting that Belsat TV, which I manage, was embezzlement and that false invoices for IT services were issued… What is more, TVP is reporting and repeating in the media an absurd sum of 7 million, the origin of which I am unable to identify,” she said.

Romaszewska-Guzy added that all contracts and orders for IT services were paid in accordance with the standards prevailing in TVP. “The funds for IT services were not hidden in some ‘illegal funds’, but were annually allocated in the channel’s budget, and then the expenses were approved by the Controlling and Restructuring Office,” we read.

The former director of Belsat also praised the station’s IT system. She stated that it is able to cope with even extreme situations. “The IT system in which all the websites run by Belsat operate is a great pride of the station. Especially today, when we see TVP servers falling like a shell under the pressure of a DDOS attack (or rather a large number of visits from football fans), it is worth noting that the websites and have been experiencing such attacks for many years – practically every week – and we managed to maintain the continuity of their operation and not lose resources,” she added.

Source: Gazeta

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