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New Year’s Eve superstitions, or what you have to remember in order for the New Year to be successful

New Year’s Eve superstitions, or what to do to have a successful year

Superstitions are a whole set of superstitions, the observance of which is to ensure us calm, he will get the experience of another year. The end of the old year and the beginning of the new one are considered a special, somewhat magical period, when an important transition is made – we leave behind everything that was good and bad in recent months to open the way to the realization of our dreams and resolutions. According to many superstitions, it will not be possible without taking appropriate measures to secure our future. What are the most popular superstitions? See for yourself.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s superstitions

Superstitions and New Year’s Eve, although most considered funny and groundless, often make us think about how to make our life prosper as we would like it to. This is because most of the superstitions are related to prosperity. And so, one of the best known is the one who says that in order to ensure an abundance in the new year, on New Year’s Eve you should have cash with you, but also a shell of a carp served on Christmas Eve. It is also important to pay off all debts by New Year’s Eve and return the borrowed items – on New Year’s Day you should not have to deal with unfinished business and debts.

New Year’s Eve superstitions in Poland. Will you find love?

Of course, prejudices in Poland also apply to issues related to emotional matters. It is believed that the special moments, which certainly include the New Year’s Eve, may reveal what the heart will be like in the coming months. And so girls who are still unmarried should listen carefully to the male names as they say – the first one they hear after midnight will belong to the future husband. If we want the opposite sex to be successful, then we should wear new underwear at night.

What are the New Year’s superstitions?

What else are New Year’s superstitions? It is common to say that the apartment should not be cleaned during the day – this way you can “sweep” happiness out of it. On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, it is also worth observing the sky and stars. A clear and transparent sky heralds a quiet year without major turmoil. To be sure that the new year will bring us everything we expect, we must properly spend the New Year’s Eve, because as the superstition says “what New Year’s Eve, so the whole year”.

What are New Year’s superstitions?

Superstition -New Year have their roots in the old days, when the population was more inclined to believe in various types of superstitions. What are the old New Year’s superstitions? It was believed, for example, that on the last night of the year there must be no shortage of fuel and food in the house. The rich stock in the pantry that night was to guarantee abundance throughout the coming year. On New Year’s morning, as soon as you woke up, you had to open the doors and windows wide to invite the new year home – then all the bad things that had accumulated in it in recent months were to leave it. The first person to enter the house in the new year was the man who announced happiness. If a woman appeared, the prettier she was, the more problems were to fall on the family.

Source: Gazeta

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