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Another poster enraged Pol’and’Rock fans.  “Harvest Festival”, “Like New Year’s Eve with Polsat”

Another poster enraged Pol’and’Rock fans. “Harvest Festival”, “Like New Year’s Eve with Polsat”

Another poster enraged Pol’and’Rock fans.  “Harvest Festival”, “Like New Year’s Eve with Polsat”

Controversy is growing around this year’s Pol’and’Rock festival by Jurek Owsiak. Subsequent reports about artists who are to appear at the event disappoint some of the event’s regulars. Another poster appeared on the Internet and caused a storm.

It’s been a long time since any edition of the festival aroused as much emotion as the anniversary event, which this year will take place on August 1-3 at the Czaplinek-Boryczno airport. The first controversy was caused by the presence of Paktofonika at the event, but this was only the beginning of lively discussions among festival fans.

Pol’and’Rock Festival 2024. Another poster enraged fans

Many Pol’and’Rock participants were outraged when the festival organizers announced that Ich Troje would play at the event. A moment later, it was suspected that the line-up would also include Golec uOrkiestra. There were voices in the comments that the event was dangerously turning into a harvest festival or a city festival.

The bands undoubtedly fit the atmosphere of the event, but their intensity for one edition of the event turned out to be too great and met with a lukewarm reaction. Defenders of Pol’and’Rock recall Majka Jeżowska’s concert on the Mała Stage, which initially met with resistance from skeptics, and then became an editing phenomenon. However, this year, the artist’s presence at the Owsiak festival became a pretext for another storm.

Majka Jeżowska published the schedule for the upcoming concerts on social media. Some people’s attention was drawn to the date of August 2, when the artist declared her presence at Pol’and’Rock. Although Jeżowska’s poster clearly states that it is not a solo concert, but a guest performance (most likely alongside Enej), another lively discussion about the line-up of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World has appeared on the Internet.

“Line-up like on New Year’s Eve with Polsat”

“Harvest festival in Pcim Dolny” – write angry commentators. “If it goes in this direction, you must also provide inflatable slides, cotton candy, and speeches by all district and village councilors, the parish council and, of course, the mayor,” ironizes one of the event’s fans. “Line-up like at New Year’s Eve with Polsat or other harvest festivals,” others write.

Pol’and’Rock fans emphasize that although people go to the event for the atmosphere, music has always been an important part of it. “The idea once was that little-known niche bands could play on a huge professional stage,” recalls one of Owsiak’s party regulars.

Source: Gazeta

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