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Such coffee is the nail in the coffin of beautiful hair.  Before you pour it, think twice

Such coffee is the nail in the coffin of beautiful hair. Before you pour it, think twice

Such coffee is the nail in the coffin of beautiful hair.  Before you pour it, think twice

Can coffee with milk have a negative impact on the condition of our hair? Although it does not sound dangerous at first glance, according to doctor and trichologist Natalia Stütz-Wo¼niak, drinking regularly between meals may cause hormonal disorders, leading to hair loss.

Of course, this does not mean that we absolutely have to give up drinking coffee with milk. Coffee also has a number of health properties that are scientifically proven. However, the trichologist has a different aspect in mind, and she included details about it in one of her entries on Instagram. More precisely, it goes about drinking coffee with milk between breakfast and lunch. “An innocent cup of coffee between breakfast and lunch? Yes! But without milk…” we read in the description of the video.

We treat coffee with milk as a separate meal because it generates an insulin release. For people struggling with insulin resistance, for example as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome, an important tip is to keep a regular and specific number of meals and not to eat anything in between them. This also includes some drinks!

– emphasizes the expert.

He explains that such a coffee and milk “set” between meals may be harmful to people who have health problems. “Does innocent coffee with milk harm your hair? Yes! If you struggle with insulin resistance, it translates into androgen concentrations, and drinking coffee between meals provokes insulin releases and thus stimulation of androgens,” the trichologist tells her followers.

This type of milky coffee may also affect the hormonal balance of our body. “High insulin concentrations contribute to increased androgen synthesis and decreased SHGB synthesis!” – the author notes in her list.

Coffee with milk between meals? The doctor warns: this is a mistake

SHGB is a globulin that binds sex hormones. In other words, it is a protein that is responsible for transporting hormones such as estradiol, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the blood. It is synthesized in the liver. SHGB testing is ordered in the event of a diagnosis of hormonal disorders. In turn, an increase in androgens in the body, i.e. an excess of male hormones, can lead to hair thinning and even, in extreme cases, baldness. It is worth adding, however, that the level of SHGB synthesis is also reduced by inflammation, metabolic disorders and thyroid problems occurring in the body.

In response to various comments under the roller, the trichologist explains that the solution is simple: Just consume coffee with milk as an addition to a meal, rather than a separate meal, to prevent insulin release. If we want to drink coffee between meals, we should choose black coffee, without any milk or sugar. “Just drink milk coffee with a meal!” – writes the doctor in response to one of the entries under her video. If you want, take part in our survey below.

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