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Stenka, Simlat, Cielecka, Lichota… A galaxy of stars in “Team A(A)” [ZWIASTUN]

Stenka, Simlat, Cielecka, Lichota… A galaxy of stars in “Team A(A)” [ZWIASTUN]

Stenka, Simlat, Cielecka, Lichota… A galaxy of stars in “Team A(A)” [ZWIASTUN]

Four alcoholics and two tanks of spirit to smuggle for a good cause. What could go wrong? We will find out in September, in the meantime we present the first trailer of the production.

In order to save their therapeutic center, four cross-addicted alcoholics decide to smuggle two tankers of spirit across Poland. For their own safety, they kidnap their therapist on the road. However, the journey turns out to be more dangerous than they expected, because following them – or rather the illegally transported alcohol – is also followed by a customs officer who is not entirely who she claims to be. From then on, everything gets complicated. Will Leszek, Wiola, Dominik, Karolina and Wojtek manage to complete the mission, but also not succumb to weakness and interrupt the therapy?

“Team A(A)”. The first trailer of the production

The creators of the hit “Johnny”, a film that first triumphed in cinemas (over a million tickets sold) and then on streaming platforms, invited both the most renowned actors and emerging stars of the young generation to cooperate on their latest project. In the film “Team A(A)” we will see Danuta Stenka, Łukasz Simlat, Magdalena Cielecka, Michał Żurawski, Maria Sobocińska, Mikołaj Kubacki and Leszek Lichota. The authors of the script are Jacek Wasilewski and Tomasz Kwaśniewski, and the director is Daniel Jaroszek. “The A(A) Team” is another NEXT FIILM own production, produced by Robert Kijak.

Original humor, surprising plot twists, moving stories and the power of mutual support. “The A(A) Team” is an entertaining film that entertains, moves and forces you to reflect.

My main hope is that viewers will feel that “The A(A) Team” ends on a positive note. That despite all the dilemmas of our heroes, not only related to drinking alcohol and not drinking, but above all to their own lives and emotions that they cannot cope with, the film will leave a very clear door to the fact that there is always a light somewhere on the horizon Is. You just have to notice them. And meet people who will help you notice them – says Łukasz Simlat, who plays the role of a therapist.

“The A(A) Team” is produced in cooperation with Amazon Prime Video. The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The film will hit theaters on September 20.

Source: Gazeta

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