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He hid its existence for a long time.  Paweł Deląg’s younger son follows in his footsteps.  Similar to his famous father?

He hid its existence for a long time. Paweł Deląg’s younger son follows in his footsteps. Similar to his famous father?

He hid its existence for a long time.  Paweł Deląg’s younger son follows in his footsteps.  Similar to his famous father?

It might seem that the colorful press and gossip portals have already written everything about Paweł Deląg’s personal life. And yet, for two decades, only a few knew that the actor had not one son, but two. Who is his younger child? It turns out that 23-year-old Mikołaj is also following in his footsteps.

From the beginning of his career, he has been considered a true lover and idol of women. He has had several long-term and fleeting relationships, including with big stars. Despite this, he never commented on his private life in interviews, trying to keep as many details as possible to himself. Recently it turned out that this plan was partially successful.

Does Paweł Deląg have a wife and children? His firstborn is already 31 years old

In the early 1990s, the actor became involved with his colleague Katarzyna Gajdarska, known for her roles in productions such as “Ajlawju”, “Ekstradycja 2” and . It was his first serious relationship and it seemed to be for life. When they found out shortly afterwards that they were expecting a child, they were both overjoyed. They planned to get married, but decided to wait until the baby was born to make the final decision. In 1993, their son Paweł Junior was born, which coincided with the development of Deląg’s career. After he went to Warsaw to play in the cult “Schindler’s List”, he never returned to his family.

He was later linked to various famous women, including: with Maria Seweryn or Bogna Sworowska. He had a truly stormy relationship with the latter. in his arms she tried to heal her broken heart after the tragic death of her fiancé, who was shot in France, which he was unable to bear. Overwhelmed, he sought escape from difficult emotions by having an affair with a mysterious woman. As it turned out years later, his second son was the fruit of this affair.

Paweł Deląg hid his second son for years. What is known about Nicholas?

In 2001, Deląg became a father for the second time, which he consistently hid for years. He was well aware of not only the highlights but also the shadows of fame, which is why from the very beginning he tried to keep his children away from show business. He first appeared in public with his older son when he was an adult. Paweł Junior accompanied him in 2009 during the premiere of the film “Popiełuszko”. – We have always had strong bonds, I had a very good relationship with him – he said in one of the interviews about his first-born.

He remained silent about the second one until 2021, when during an interview for Plejada he revealed that he also followed in his footsteps. – Both Paweł and Mikołaj, because I have two sons, follow the producer path. Paweł is already working on another project and it is developing nicely – he said proudly at the time. – Mikołaj is just taking his first steps in this profession, but I am very happy about it, because it means that in some way I have infected them with love for this film world – he added. Just a year later, the three of them sat down on the couch of “Dzień Dobry TVN” to talk about a joint documentary about Ukrainian refugees. It was then that Deląg’s younger son played the role of his assistant for the first time, as he usually works as a co-owner of a car rental company.

Who is Mikołaj Deląg’s mother? The actor kept it a secret for years

Deląg never revealed who Mikołaj’s mother was or how they met. – I’m sorry, but I don’t talk about private matters. There are things I want to keep to myself – he answered journalists’ questions. The actor likes to brag about the moments spent with him, and film is not their only common passion. They go to the mountains, play sports and even train together.

Like father Like Son

The same look

You can see the kinship

– wrote Internet users under a series of photos of Deląg with Mikołaj. Are they really that similar? If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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