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She left the window open overnight.  She quickly regretted it.  “They’re everywhere”

She left the window open overnight. She quickly regretted it. “They’re everywhere”

She left the window open overnight.  She quickly regretted it.  “They’re everywhere”

Should you sleep with the window open in summer? One Internet user found out about the unpleasant consequences and shared her story online. She forgot one detail.

It is common knowledge that many of us look forward to warmer weather, and as soon as it arrives, we complain that it is too hot. We feel the heat not only outside, but also when we are indoors. When it’s hot outside, the rooms quickly turn into a sauna and make it difficult for us, among other things, to: falling asleep at night. Then, without hesitation, open the windows at night to let in some fresh air and cool down the house.

Can I leave the window open overnight? There may be a surprise waiting for you later

As it turns out, this practice may expose us to some unpleasantness. A woman named Jess found this out. He uses the nickname @jaysphone2.0 online. She posted a video on TikTok in which she shared her latest traumatic experience with her followers. She asked Internet users not to, under any circumstances, leave windows open and lights on at the same time.

– I left the windows open for literally two days in a row – she began to explain in the recording. She then zoomed in on the ceiling, revealing lots of bugs right above her. – Just look at my ceiling! Oh my God, I’m going to cry. They are basically everywhere. What the hell? – she exclaimed. She then asked for help on what she should do in such a situation.

Should you open windows in hot weather? Apply this general rule and high temperatures will no longer be a nightmare

The best way to control the temperature in your home is to take action based on the time of day. A general rule is to leave them closed if the temperature outside the house is higher than inside. This will prevent additional heat from entering. However, outdoor temperatures will usually be lower after sunset or before sunrise. It’s the perfect time to open the windows and get some fresh air. To solve the problem of bugs getting inside, it is worth considering installing protective screens, e.g. mosquito nets on windows and doors. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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