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Books 2021: Know which were the best sellers of the year in bookstores in Ecuador

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Five bookstores made their list known, where works by ÓscarVela, Jamil Mahuad, Gilda Holst, among others, stand out.

Universe of books consulted five bookstores in the country which were the best-selling works of this 2021, which is one breath away from culminating. Among the names revealed stands out the commented detective novel of Oscar Vela, the political book of Jamil Mahuad, the storybook of Maria Fernanda Ampuero and the first book that brings together all the work of Gilda Holst.

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These were the best of the year say experts and readers

The bookstore Mr. Books shared his list of the five best sellers by category. In the literature section The crimes of Bartow, by Óscar Vela it ranks as the first best-selling work. In his novel the author collects -with true documents- the real history of the Ecuadorian Nelson Serrano, the longest-lived prisoner on US death row, who was charged with a quadruple crime that occurred in December 1997 in the city of Bartow, Florida.

The works with murders as the central axis continued to be the favorites of the readers, in the second position is From nowhere, by Julia Navarro when we have the information. In it, Navarro recounts the harsh reality of a teenager who witnesses the murder of his family during an Israeli army mission; an event that leads him to go after a revenge that will hammer him all his life.

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The third best-selling book was Las voladoras, by Mónica Ojeda, a collection of stories that brings together eight stories that delve into violence and mysticism; and that takes the cities, towns and moors as a stage.

The list is followed by a novel in which its author enters the skin of a girl, to narrate the silences of a family in crisis that holds the deepest pains and unfulfilled dreams. Is about The abysses, by Pilar Quintana, Alfaguara Novel Prize 2021.

The top closes it Save the fire, by Guillermo Arriaga, a novel that goes through the paradoxes of a country and the fiercest contradictions of love and hope, through a married choreographer and a murderer sentenced to fifty years in prison.

In the youth category they stand out Boulevard, by Flor M. Salvador; Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the J.K Rowling; Heist, by Ariana Godoy; Before december, by Joanna Marcus; Y Still With you, by Lily del Pilar. In the welfare and company section, they lead: Unshakable, by Daniel Habif; The 5 a.m. club de Robin Sharma; How to make good things happen to you by Marian Rojas Estapé; The traps of fear, by Daniel Habif; Y Doubts are given away, by Ashley Frangie and Lety Sahagún.

The children’s list stars The compas lost in space, of Mikecrack; Yolo Adventures, the mansion of nightmares, Yolo, Mariana, Panda and Nando; Symphony of animals, de Dan Brown; Trolardy and the golden bread, of Trolerotutos and Hardy; and Lthe sounds of the farm, de Rod Campell.

While, Spanish bookstore share which were the best-selling Ecuadorian books of 2021. In this way, This is how we dollarize Ecuador, by former president Jamil Mahuad Witt leads the top 5. The work narrates the currency exchange that Ecuador went through in 2000. The first part of this volume brings together Mahuad’s stories, as a kind of political historical memory.

The second book was First is her, scored by Gastón Calderón when we have the information. This novel tells the story of Khan, a young man who does not believe in love; and Ariel, a teenager with a shady past. They both fall in love and against all odds they start a relationship that unites their souls, but also brings conflict into their lives.

Continue The crimes of Bartow, by Óscar Vela; The Voladoras, Monica Ojeda; Y Human sacrifices, María Fernanda Ampuero. The latter is a meeting of stories, which relate the violence that reigns in society. Each story addresses issues that arise around migration, family, the media world, adolescence, and more.

The list is followed by books such as Outbreak. The October rebellion in Ecuador, Leonidas Iza, Andrés Tapia and Andrés Madrid; History of corruption in Ecuador, by Javier Gómez Jurado; Dictatorship of the XXI century, by Osvaldo Hurtado; Whose legs are these? by Mariasol Pons; and Nefando, by Mónica Ojeda.

In the international list, of this bookstore, you will find: Still with you, of Lily del Pilar; The compas and the curse, of Mikecrack, The trollino; Smash this diary now in full color de Keri Smith; How to make good things happen to you Marian Rojas Estapé, Inquebrantables, by Daniel Habif, among others.

At Fund of Economic Culture the best-selling Ecuadorian book was Outbreak. The October rebellion in Ecuador, from Leónidas Iza, Andrés Tapia and Andrés Madrid. From the perspective of social movements, the work reflects the causes and development of the violent protest channeled by the indigenous movement, which convulsed Ecuador in 2019.

The list is followed by the children’s book The rare days by Roger Ycaza; The cult of the nation: writing of history and memory rituals in Ecuador 1870-1950; Human sacrifices, by María Fernanda Ampuero (this was the most sold in the Guayaquil Fund); Y Novels in the shade, from Javier Vásconez.

In the international list stands out Complete Tales of Leonora Carrington. It is a meeting of stories that allow the reader to take a trip through the dream world of the author, who also reveals her macabre, satirical and brilliant way of seeing reality. The list is followed Here we are, note to live on planet earth, the Oliver Jeffers; What we will build, the Oliver Jeffers; Clarice Lispector’s complete accounts; Y The amazing child eats books the Oliver Jeffers.

Others: Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll; Devil’s story. 11th centuries, de Robert Muchembled; Universal animalarium of Professor Revillod, by Miguel Murugarren; Our part at night, by Mariana Enriquez; Liquid Modernity, Zygmunt Bauman.

The Purple House he also shares his top. The list of national books the Complete work by Gilda Holst, a compilation for the author’s 20-year literary career, in which, through humor, she deals with issues such as marriage, the city and social classes. More nameless than ever (1989), Sign mob (1995) and Boomerang (2006), are the stories recovered in this book that also includes his novel Give with her (2000).

Complete work, by Gilda Holst, an opportunity to rediscover one of the greatest writers of our literature

The list is followed Skill with horses, by Roy Siguenza; The flight of the turtle, by Ernesto Carrión; Our dead skinby Natalia García; The flyersby Mónica Ojeda; Y Those creatures by Eduardo Varas when we have the information.

In the list of foreign books you will find Sound desert, by Valeria Luiselli, Desert, Ariana Harwicz and Mikael Gómez Gunthart; There are monsters out there by Edmundo Paz Soldán and Donkey belly, scored by Andrea Abreu.

On the list of poetry books are: Songs from the end of the world, de Yuliana Ortiz; Featherweight, by Pedro Rosa Balda; and History of milk, scored by Mónica Ojeda when we have the information.

Finally, Rayuela bookstore shares a list led by And that would be it basically, of Yahaira Recalde; October, democracy under attack, by María Paula Romo; The crimes of Bartow, Oscar Vela; This is how we dollarize Ecuador, by Jamil Mahuad Witt; Y Behetrías, Mercedes Mafla.

Others: Human sacrifices, by María Fernanda Ampuero; The secrets of the holidayby Fernando Villavicencio and José Cléver Jiménez Cabrera; History of corruption in Ecuador, by Javier Gómez; Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) and The sleepless nights, scored by José Hidalgo Pallares when we have the information. (I)

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