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This viscose gem in Lidl is simply stunning.  It’s a summer hit and for PLN 35!

This viscose gem in Lidl is simply stunning. It’s a summer hit and for PLN 35!

This viscose gem in Lidl is simply stunning.  It’s a summer hit and for PLN 35!

Comfortable viscose clothes are perfect for summer. Not only are they airy and comfortable, but they will also work well in more elegant styles! Especially since interesting and cheap propositions – e.g. viscose skirts or shorts – can now be found in the offers of several stores. And at very affordable prices.

Viscose is one of the best materials for summer. Why? First of all, it is a breathable, airy and skin-friendly material. Viscose is made from wood cellulose and is a fabric suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture effectively. This is rare among artificial fibers.

It does not heat up, ensuring comfort during the summer heat, which makes it an ideal solution for holiday outings. Because it is still an artificial material (and, by the way, much better than its counterparts such as polyester or elastane!), it is also more affordable than natural fabrics.

Viscose is the perfect choice for holidays

Viscose clothes fit well, are light and pleasant to wear. Summer T-shirts and blouses made of viscose are a great choice, but viscose dresses and skirts, not to mention shorts, are also very popular.

Viscose clothes are a great choice for summer/

You can find a real viscose “gem” in Lidl this season! The chain has just released viscose shorts that are perfect for hot weather. They cost only PLN 34.99. Their stylish cut fits perfectly into current trends. They are loose, comfortable and elegant at the same time, so they can be combined with both sportswear and a more casual style.

These types of shorts have a universal length and will look good on any type of figure. You could even say it’s a kind of “must-have” for the summer. They will go well with both a simple T-shirt, a flowing T-shirt or a fancifully finished blouse. Cherry on top? There are three different colors to choose from: white, black and indigo.

Viscose skirts are the hit of summer 2024

Interesting viscose proposals have also recently appeared in KiK, Reserved and H&M. The first one includes a fashionable cream-colored maxi skirt, also made of viscose, for PLN 60. This model has a practical elastic waistband, which makes it perfect for any type of figure.

It is also decorated with a delicate ruffle at the bottom, which adds lightness and a characteristic holiday charm. Both delicate, summer sandals and sneakers will perfectly match this skirt.

Viscose skirts are the hit of summer 2024Viscose skirts are the hit of summer 2024 Photo

H&M, in turn, introduced mid-calf viscose skirts with a fashionable plant print. They will create a perfect combination with plain crop tops or T-shirts, creating a perfect summer styling.

At Reserved, we can find an offer for women who like classics and minimalism. A white, timeless, summer skirt with a very attractive cut appeared in the store. For everyday use, it will look great in a looser version, e.g. with flip-flops, or more elegant – with high-heeled shoes. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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