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He listened thoroughly to Sanah’s new album.  He noticed disturbing similarities

He listened thoroughly to Sanah’s new album. He noticed disturbing similarities

He listened thoroughly to Sanah’s new album.  He noticed disturbing similarities

Sanah’s new album has been available for several days on streaming services and on store shelves. The singer’s fans were very happy, but more and more people are more critical of the artist’s work. One of the tiktokers decided to cover a few songs from the new album, which reminded him of songs by other artists. Many Internet users agreed with him and shared their guesses.

Sanah has had musical education since childhood and has often tried her hand at talent shows, but her first mini-album titled She published “My name is invisible” only in 2019. A year later, her career skyrocketed and since then, the artist has been one of the most listened to singers in Poland.

There are 20 songs on “Caprices” by Sanah. A tiktoker X-rayed several of them and pointed out the similarity

During this time, she has released five studio albums, the latest of which is entitled “Caprices” premiered just a few days ago. The singer’s fans are delighted with another new material from Sanah, but after some time has passed, Internet users began to notice that many songs sound very similar to well-known hits of foreign stars. Tiktoker Kacper Zembrzucki decided to look into the matter:

It’s not that I’m nitpicking or being super bad, it’s just that I hear such things every time I pay attention to them and I wonder if others do too.

The album contains as many as 20 songs, but an online creator named @zetkacper noticed a similarity in three songs that he compared to the “originals” in the video. According to tiktoker, the song “It was, passed” sounds similar to Taylor Swift’s song titled “Fortnight (AI Version)”. In turn, “Intro” from the star’s latest album reminded him of “Royals” by Lorde, and “Wiśta wio!” According to him, it sounds similar to Amy Macdonald’s song “This Is The Life” from 2010.

Fans noticed a similarity to the song by Seweryn Krajewski, but also to Selena Gomez

Commenters let us know that they also hear similarities in many songs from Sanah’s new album. However, some of them were much more understanding towards the artist. “It seems to me that so many melodies have already been created in music that they have started to double,” we read in a comment that received over 5,000 likes. likes. There are more such voices: “These similarities are obvious” or “Maybe it’s on purpose?”

In turn, others began to list subsequent songs in which they heard similarities. Internet users point out, among other things, the song “Do pozna się”, which is supposed to resemble the song “When I’m No More” from Seweryn Krajewski’s repertoire. In addition, there were voices that “O miłość” resembles “Who Says” from Selena Gomez & The Scene, and “Milky Way” is supposed to sound like “Pokolenie” by Kombi.

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