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Garlicki’s son is also an actor.  “Dad advised me against it.”  He’s the star of “BrzydUla”.  He had an affair with Cielecka

Garlicki’s son is also an actor. “Dad advised me against it.” He’s the star of “BrzydUla”. He had an affair with Cielecka

Garlicki’s son is also an actor.  “Dad advised me against it.”  He’s the star of “BrzydUla”.  He had an affair with Cielecka

Piotr Garlicki was at the peak of his popularity when he decided to emigrate overseas in search of a better life. In Poland, he left behind not only a promising career, but also a son from his first marriage. Although he had been in contact with Łukasz only by phone for years, he decided to follow in his footsteps. Today, he has many great roles and several high-profile scandals to his credit.

, known to a wider audience as Jarosław Kruszyński from “Protective Colors” or Dr. Stefan Tretter from the series, already in the 1980s could not complain about the lack of popularity and professional offers. Although directors offered him various roles, the earnings did not fill him with optimism. After he divorced his first wife, Monika, with whom he had a son, Łukasz, in August 1977, he decided to go abroad to earn money. At that time, he had no idea that this would ruin his career, as well as his relationship with his firstborn, for many years.

Piotr Garlicki abandoned his career and went to the USA. His relationship with his son suffered due to emigration

The actor was accompanied by his new partner, Dorota, with whom he married shortly afterwards and had a son, Kasper. He abandoned his learned profession because he did not know English to be able to develop in the USA, and began to take up various jobs. – I was a truck driver, I worked in a sweater sorting plant, and for the longest time, 12 years, in a company selling seafood. I left popularity at the limit – he said in one of the interviews. Although he earned well, this new life did not fulfill his dreams. Additionally, the separation from Łukasz was taking its toll on him, as their contact was limited only to telephone conversations. At that time, Garlicki could not afford to come to the country due to the exorbitantly expensive plane tickets and the uncertain political situation. – There were also dark sides. For many years I couldn’t leave the United States because it would be a one-way ticket. So I couldn’t come to my mother’s funeral, I didn’t visit my son Łukasz from his first marriage, whom I left behind in Poland – he said in “Viva”. – These are decisions that will later have consequences in later life – he emphasized.

Łukasz Garlicki is also an actor. His father wanted him to have another profession

Although Łukasz did not have a close relationship with his father, after successfully passing his high school final exams, he decided to follow in his footsteps. Garlicki was not thrilled with this fact, he believed that it was not a guarantee of a decent life, so he suggested that he study law or dentistry. – My father, who is an actor, strongly advised me against this profession. I applied for philosophy, the Academy of Fine Arts, classical philology, art history and theater school – said the actor’s son in an interview for Ultimately, his father’s argument was in vain, because his decision was based on Jerzy Bończak’s suggestion. – I was interrogated by Jurek Bończak, my father’s friend, who said, “Go ahead and try it.” I went, I tried and I got in – he recalled, adding that at that time he was not yet aware of what awaited him. – I allowed myself to be drawn into life. It wasn’t a very well-thought-out decision, I was 18 years old, he said.

Piotr Garlicki’s son was addicted. This is how Łukasz Garlicki remembers difficult times after many years

Łukasz Garlicki received his diploma from the Warsaw theater school in 2000, but he made his screen debut two years earlier in the series adaptation of Stefan Żeromski’s “Labours of Sisyphus”. In the following years, his output increased with productions such as “Pensjonat pod Różą”, “God’s Lining II”, “Good Morning, I Love You”, and “Wielka Woda”. At one time, however, the talk was not about his roles, but about his stormy private life. He has had an affair with someone who is five years older than him, as well as an addiction, which has given him the label of a womanizer and party animal. – What mattered most was to have fun, party and not worry about anything – he recalled this turbulent period in “Grazi”.

Ultimately, he realized that in this way he would squander the chance he had received from fate. He overcame his addiction and focused on work and development. Today, he protects his privacy, doing everything he can to ensure that people talk about him only in the context of his professional successes. – I’m no longer interested in being a naughty boy because it can damage my health and reputation. I ruined both a bit, said Łukasz Garlicki, adding that it also helped him rebuild his relationship with his father. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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