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One scene enraged the viewers of “Road of the Dragon”.  They turn off the TVs.  “Inflection!”

One scene enraged the viewers of “Road of the Dragon”. They turn off the TVs. “Inflection!”

One scene enraged the viewers of “Road of the Dragon”.  They turn off the TVs.  “Inflection!”

“Roman of the Dragon” returned to HBO with a new season and immediately aroused great emotions. The first episode was packed with scenes intended to shock the viewers. One of them wasn’t even bloody, but it caused widespread outrage.

Viewers can only watch the first episode of the second season of “”. The HBO series has become accustomed to blood, rape and acts of violence on screen, but each subsequent episode is announced as “even more brutal” than the previous one. It was no different with the first episode of the second season, . But it wasn’t the film version that shocked viewers, but what was shown a little earlier.

The scene from “Rogue of the Dragon” outraged viewers. “It’s too much!”

If you haven’t watched (or read) “Rom of the Dragon” yet, you may not want to spoil the viewing, because the scene that terrified viewers in the first episode concerns the entire sequence of events that influence the plot of the series. So consider yourself warned – you had a moment to jump to, for example, the following other text:

The creators of “Rod Dragon” announced that the most disgusting scene from the book – the murder committed by Jucha and Twarog – will be filmed and it will be as brutal and cruel as in the book. We had become accustomed to similar scenes over the years in “Game of Thrones”, so the expectations were really high. Ultimately, it turns out that the murder of King Aegon’s child was not the last straw for the audience. It was a very short scene with… a dog kicking. An innocent furry animal was treated this way by one of the murderers, and the scene was so senselessly cruel and unnecessary that social media was full of comments in which we read that some even turned off their TV sets:

Am I a bad person for hating Twarog more for kicking the poor dog than for what he did a few minutes later in “Road of the Dragon”?

The dog didn’t do anything wrong!! This is too much!

In “The Dragon’s Family” they showed Twaróg kicking the dog, but they did not show the child’s head being cut off. Someone from PETA should get them

I’m glad Bloodline of the Dragon is back and allows me to question my moral compass. I understand it’s “Son for Son”, so go ahead, cut off the kid’s head, but don’t kick the dog!!

I don’t know what happened next, after kicking the dog I turned it off

“The Dragon’s Blood” completely changed the Jucha and Cottage Cheese scene

Worse yet, a cruel scene that was billed as the worst in the entire franchise was completely ruined by the show’s creators. The kick aimed at the animal turned out to be much more brutal than what happened next. Jucha and Twaróg reached the royal family’s chambers through secret corridors. Undisturbed by anyone, they found the room of the reigning king’s wife and killed one of her children. The problem is that this scene in the book was described as much, much more shocking.

First of all, the goal of Jucha and Twarog from the beginning was the royal son, not the son of Queen Alicent. Secondly, in addition to the murdered child, the guards also died in the queen’s chamber. Helaena actually had to choose which child should die, but there were no terrifying words from one of the murderers to the toddler she chose: “Mommy wants you to die.” The boy indicated by the queen was not killed – in the following years his mother was unable to forgive herself for choosing him as a target for murderers who killed the second child anyway. Queen Alicent, who had previously been gagged, was also present in the chamber. And no, there was no mention of a dog.

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