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Are your legs full of spider veins and “blue threads”?  Do these compresses twice a day.  You will notice improvement

Are your legs full of spider veins and “blue threads”? Do these compresses twice a day. You will notice improvement

Are your legs full of spider veins and “blue threads”?  Do these compresses twice a day.  You will notice improvement

Spider veins are small blood vessels that form meshes under our skin. Many women struggle with this problem, especially in the summer, when high temperatures encourage them to expose their knees. How to get rid of spider veins on your legs? Follow these tips and you can reduce their visibility.

Spider veins are small webs of veins that occur on the calves, ankles and thighs. We usually notice them in the summer when we take off our long pants and replace them with skirts and shorts. There are several factors that contribute to their occurrence, but if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time, they will appear sooner or later.

What to do to prevent the blood vessels on your legs from breaking? A change of lifestyle may be useful

Regardless of aging, disease or genetics, spider veins may appear due to our lifestyle. Sitting for a long time while working causes impaired blood circulation, which contributes to the appearance of blue veins under the skin. However, there are a few things we can do to prevent this problem from happening to our legs.

  1. Regular exercise. Daily walks, even short ones, will have a positive effect on blood circulation. Combined with a healthy diet, they will help maintain a healthy weight, which is also crucial for the appearance of our legs.
  2. If you work in a sitting position, take short breaks. Get up, move around and change your body position as often as possible. If you must stay where you are, stomp your feet.
  3. Long and hot baths promote the formation of spider veins. If you want your legs to feel better, take quick showers.
  4. Clothing that is too tight may impede blood circulation. Every day, wear airy, loose clothes that provide comfort and convenience.

How to get rid of spider veins on legs? Thanks to these methods, you will reduce their visibility

To reduce the visibility of spider veins on your legs, you need to take action and improve blood circulation. There are several simple methods for this and they do not require great sacrifices. In addition to observing all the above points, it is worth introducing leg massage into your daily routine. You can use fragrance oils or regular olive oil. It should not exert too much pressure, so it is worth doing it with gentle, circular movements.

Spider veins on the legs are dilated blood vessels visible under the skin. illustration photo, dimid_86, iStock

Apply apple cider vinegar topically to the skin. To reduce the visibility of veins, soak a cotton pad in it and wipe the spider veins twice a day. Remember to do an allergy test on a small piece of skin before using it for the first time. Herbal tea compresses are also soothing for the legs. Chamomile, nettle or Horse chestnut helps eliminate swelling and spider veins. All you need to do is make a strong infusion, soak gauze with it and apply it to the places where the veins are most visible. Repeat this 3-4 times a week.

WARNING! If you experience other symptoms apart from spider veins, such as pain or swelling, you should consult a doctor. This condition may indicate a disease and require specialized treatment, so you should not ignore it.

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