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The Pole is making a career in Hollywood.  In the new series, she will form a duet with Jude Law.  “I thought I was going to fall”

The Pole is making a career in Hollywood. In the new series, she will form a duet with Jude Law. “I thought I was going to fall”

The Pole is making a career in Hollywood.  In the new series, she will form a duet with Jude Law.  “I thought I was going to fall”

Few native actors and actresses have made their mark overseas, but Dagmara Domiñczyk’s career is an example that anything is possible. After her role in the hit “Succession”, she decided to strike while the iron was hot. Currently, he is working on two more series, playing alongside such world stars as Jude Law.

she was born on July 17, 1976 in Kielce, but when she was only 6 years old, her parents decided to emigrate to the USA. In New York, where they lived, she completed her compulsory education and then began acting studies in Pittsburgh. Later, she starred in productions such as “Rock Star”, “Lonely Heart”, and “Jack Strong”, but the real breakthrough in her career came only in 2018.

Who does Dagmara Domińczyk play in “Succession”? The Polish actress will soon appear alongside Jude Law

It was then that she was cast as Karolina Novotney in the hit series Max, in which she appeared for the next 4 years. In the latest interview for “Dzień Dobry TVN” she admitted that although she didn’t have a big role, it was enough to make her mark in the industry. She is also grateful for the relationships she established on set and tries to cultivate them to this day. – Maybe I didn’t have any major, great role there, but I was among great actors, so I appreciate it very much. “I’m so damn grateful that I even got this role and played on this show for all four seasons,” she said.

Later came, among others, the film drama “Daughter” by Maggie Gyllenhaal based on the novel by Elena Ferrante, in which she played the role of Callie, as well as the famous biography “Priscilla” by Sofia Coppola, about the life of the wife of the king of rock’n’roll. This undoubtedly opened the door to her career and resulted in further projects with world stars. He is currently working on two series. – One with Jessica Chastain, very cool, so strong, sharp. And the second new series with Jason Bateman – she revealed, adding that in “Black Rabbit” she plays Jude Law’s ex-spouse.

Who is Dagmara Domińczyk’s husband? He is an actor known from “The Conjuring”

Dominczyk cannot complain about either his career or his private life. The actress is the wife of , whose role as Ed Warren in the horror series and “Insidious” brought her international popularity. They met during their studies, but their love arose only a few years later. In 2005, they got married and had two sons, Kalin and Kassian. – My younger son recently told me, “Mom, your career is going so well that I think that in 10-15 years you will be as famous as your dad,” she said with a laugh. “I thought I was going to fall,” she added.

For the actress, family is the biggest priority and, as she emphasizes, the role of mother is the most important one she has ever faced. Although she is 47 years old, she does not regret that she is only now gaining “wind in her sails” and is being appreciated in her profession because this is the path she has chosen for herself. – Family has always been my first priority. I have never been such an actress that I put everything aside, the nanny is with us and I quickly return to my career. I just wanted to be that mother, so I wasn’t rushing to be a big star, she said, adding that she was aware that she was very lucky and felt very grateful for the way her life had turned out. – I’m really lucky. I wake up in the morning and feel grateful, she concluded. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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