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She starred in bold bed scenes.  “They weren’t in the script.”  The director talked her into it

She starred in bold bed scenes. “They weren’t in the script.” The director talked her into it

She starred in bold bed scenes.  “They weren’t in the script.”  The director talked her into it

For several weeks, “Uncalculated” with Julia Wieniawa in one of the main roles has been conquering Polish cinemas. The film has plenty of hot bed scenes with her character, which, as it turned out, were not included in the original version of the script. In the latest interview, the actress revealed the background of their creation and confessed what aspects of her profession she perceived as lacking education.

is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists of the young generation. She made her debut in the industry at the beginning of 2013, joining the cast of the series “”. From then on, her career began to skyrocket. Today, she has many great roles under her belt, and although she has been focusing more on acting for some time, acting is still her huge passion. A new production starring her has just been released, and now it turns out that she is already working on another title.

Wieniawa reveals the backstage of “Uncalculated”. This was what she was most afraid of in bed scenes

In mid-May 2024, the psychological thriller “Uncalculated” directed by Piotr Trzaskalski debuted on cinema screens, in which Wieniawa played the role of Adelina. There are many brave people in the film with her participation, which, as she confessed to Bartosz Boruciak in the “RAPtowne Rozmowy” program for Mixtape TV, were not included in the original version of the script. – At the beginning, it was in the contract that these scenes would be covered, veiled, safe. But in the end, our director justified it wisely and organized a safe space for me – she talked about the reasons for the unexpected change in the concept and confessed that although “there was no understudy”, she was with her all this time, for which she is extremely grateful.

At the same time, she emphasized that for her, the body is one of the tools of work, so she has no problem revealing it in front of the camera. However, she had completely different concerns while shooting the scenes. – I was only afraid not to distract the viewer’s attention from what is really important in this film and what a really difficult role I have to play – she explained, adding that the truthfulness of these shots certainly had a positive impact on the reception of the love triangle, which is one of the most important threads in the production.

During the conversation, she confirmed that she had re-established cooperation with the creators of the film “Do not commit adultery and do not steal” and that she would soon appear on the big screen again. This time he will perform alongside stars such as Marian Opania and , and the main topic will simply be the older generation. – This is not a role that will change anything in my life, but I think this movie is important and has such a cool, cute theme – she explained.

Wieniawa does not have a theater school. She revealed how she managed to make up for her lack of education

It is no secret that although Wieniawa has achieved enormous success, the issue that comes up time and again is that she has no specialized education. She claims that it is the result of jealousy and complexes of those who were not as lucky as her. – This is a Polish feature – she noted, emphasizing that everyone has their own path to success and no one is better or worse than another. – Everyone has their own path and there is no point in pigeonholing people. I have one and it would be stupid to go back to school now and lock myself away for 5 years, lock myself away from my career, which is now an absolutely accelerated vehicle – she said with conviction.

However, she does not hide the fact that there are moments when she notices that she lacks certain skills or work tools, which is a consequence of the fact that she did not study at a theater school. Still, he doesn’t think it’s a topic that can’t be avoided. As she admitted, she gained real knowledge of this profession when she started performing in the theater and interacting with the audience and their reactions live. – I actually gained such true awareness of this profession in the theater, I understood the essence of this profession – said the star. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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