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Amazon will mess up again in “Rings of Power”.  She won’t be there, and he will have an affair

Amazon will mess up again in “Rings of Power”. She won’t be there, and he will have an affair

Amazon will mess up again in “Rings of Power”.  She won’t be there, and he will have an affair

In just over two months, Amazon Prime Video will show the second season of the controversial “Rings of Power” – a series version of the events before “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien. Over the weekend, we got to know the newest characters added to the plot.

Estrid, Tom Bombadil, the absence of Bronwyn, a change in Adar’s physiognomy… There are still two months until the premiere of Amazon Prime Video, and in the meantime, not a week goes by without more information about the series coming to JRR Tolkien’s fans. Amazon doses them carefully so that everyone can calmly digest what we will see at the end of August on small screens without additional stomach churning. This time it is already known that a certain Estrid will appear around Isildur, and Bronwyn will disappear from the series completely and we will not see the continuation of her romance with Arondir. It is not the end.

“Rings of Power”. Amazon stirs the pot – there will be no Bronwyn, Adar will be transformed

In recent weeks, the promotion of “Rings of Power” has started. . However, in the following weeks, new information appeared about some of the threads that we will see in the second season of the series.

Amazon, which has been criticized so far, has been very relaxed about everything it had the right to use from Tolkien’s prose. He juggled places and characters. Sometimes he managed to create a visual masterpiece, but it was extremely empty inside. The entire first season of the series almost forced references to Peter Jackson’s film adaptation down the viewers’ throats and tried to build attachment by basing them on similarities to the film trilogy. The effect opposite to that intended was achieved.

From the latest news from the world of the series, it can be concluded that in the next part, the showrunners plan to finally present viewers with their own interpretations of characters such as Tom Bombadil and – probably – Isildur’s wife. Tolkien wrote a lot about Bombadil, but his character was never included in Jackson’s film adaptation. In turn, he strategically did not write anything about Isildur’s wife, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation – will she be shown in stills from the Estrid series? This can be evidenced by shots with a clear closeness to the future king of Gondor, who was wounded near Mordor at the end of the first season of the series.

‘Rings of Power’ Photo Ross Ferguson/Prime Video

We also know that Nazanin Boniadi, who plays Bronwyn, will definitely not appear in the episodes we will see in the fall – her character has disappeared, and the actress herself has left the profession. The “father” of the orcs, Adar, whom many viewers predicted as Sauron in the first season of the series, will also undergo a real metamorphosis. Joseph Mawle was replaced by Sam Hazeldine, who presented a changed appearance in the latest photos. However, the character of Tom Bombadil evokes the most warm emotions. This role was played by Rory Kinnear (“Quantum of Solace”, “Our Flag Means Death”). The esteemed British actor gives us hope that we will get an interestingly written character. It is known that Bombadil will meet Gandalf, but it is not known what their fate will be. The premiere of the second season of the series is scheduled for the last days of August. The question remains whether, after the criticism that Amazon Prime Video received from fans for the first season, any lessons have been learned for the upcoming episodes.

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