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How to create your ‘outfit’ with Very Pery, the official color of 2022

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As every year, the Pantone institute has dictated the trend in color and has determined that the Very Peri will be the tone that characterizes it.

Every year one color is determined as the main one in terms of fashion, design and art trends. That task directed by Pantone (company in charge of naming colors and determining the influences of color on consumption), always suggests a tone based on global consumer habits, as well as sociological patterns that ultimately determine what we will use in terms of fashion, art and design.

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“Very Peri is a symbol of the spirit of our current global era and the transition we are experiencing today. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways”Indicates Pantone.

Besides being chosen for being a tone Used in high-contrast games popular with Gen Z, color also has roots in the natural world and well-being, with lilac, lavender and periwinkle plants that offer a sense of calm during chaotic weather.

His influence on fashion

And now the question that many of us ask ourselves is How to adapt it to fashion trends and the wardrobe? The truth is As it is a purplish blue color, it could be said that we have it very simple when combining. Accompanied by neutral tones such as white, gray or black it will be perfect without problems.

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But what about warm leathers that require other colors in your wardrobe? The option would be wear it with beige, yellow and even orange, shades that are sure to create an attractive contrast when dressing.

On the fashion catwalks It will be a safe bet and from there you can add ideas that lead us to innovate in the way of combining, although It will be certain that many women prefer to opt for this color in their accessories before daring to wear it in garments.

Very Peri also appears in many fashion and beauty trend forecasts: Pantone’s official color presentation included looks of men of the brands Lanvin, Chet Lo and Louis Vuitton.

Its influence on design

If we talk about decoration or creation of artistic and design pieces, the Very Peri will also be present during the coming months, and from there take as a reference its abstract concept of balance, novelty and digitization.

What is the result then in our intimate environment? A good proposal can be adapted to home spaces through upholstered furniture with this tone, as well as small items that bring a bit of modernity to the space.

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