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She was 16 when she won the lottery and became a millionaire. Moments after that, she had to live on benefits

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Callie Rogers is the youngest ever British lottery winner. She was only 16 when she won nearly £ 2 million in 2003. Shortly after receiving the award, she quit her job as a cashier for £ 3.60 an hour and thoughtlessly spent cash.

“I was too young to get such a large sum of money”

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As Callie Rogers estimates after years, she spent about 300,000. pounds for clothes, 11 thousand. pounds for plastic surgery, as well as 500 thousand. pounds for gifts and unrepaid loans for family and friends, as well as 85 thousand. pounds for cars. However, not all money was wasted. Callie Rogers has bought two properties: a bungalow for £ 180,000 and a house for £ 76,000 for her mother. Unwise management of winnings and drug addiction caused the Briton to lose everything in a short time. When the money ran out, the fake friends also disappeared and she was left alone with trouble. She was forced to start earning a living again, working as a carer for the elderly and also benefiting from social benefits.

Now he is struggling to raise the age at which to participate in this type of lottery

Currently, Callie Rogers leads a “normal life” and says she is much happier. The woman admits that she was far too young to win such a large sum and deal with such enormous pressure. Now she wants to save other teenagers from the problems she has struggled with and is fighting to raise the age limit for the government to participate in the national lottery.

You are only 16 years old and bear all this responsibility. At this age, you can get even the best advice ever. But you are not able to listen to her because you are too young

– she said in an interview with.

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Source: Gazeta

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