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Cabarets returned to Polsat.  The sketch was ridiculed by PiS

Cabarets returned to Polsat. The sketch was ridiculed by PiS

Cabarets beloved by Poles have not been broadcast on Polsat for over half a year now. They disappeared in an atmosphere of scandal, but now they are back. And things started to get rough right away.

Polsat gave up popular cabarets shortly before the parliamentary elections in October last year. Skits were becoming more and more political, rarely ridiculing all options equally, and focused mainly on the government of that time. The cabarets suddenly disappeared in an atmosphere of scandal – the artists learned about their resignation at the last minute, and Polsat did not explain the decision for a long time, which only fueled the rumors. However, on the occasion of the annual Polsat festival in Sopot, not only music but also satirical groups returned to the stage.

Polsat showed cabarets in Sopot

Cabaret groups’ performances returned to Polsat on Sunday evening for the Polsat SuperHit Festival. However, it was not decided to perform live performances, but only to rebroadcast previously recorded performances – in previous years, cabarets performed on the Sopot stage. Polsat viewers saw performances of the Kabarets Neo-Nówka, Limo, Moralny Niepokoju, Skeczy Męczecze, Paranienormalny, Hrabi from previous years. Even the performance of the group that, after the October scandal with the cancellation of the cabaret program on Polsat, was rebroadcast.

It happened differently. Cabaret Młodych Panów amused Polsat viewers with a skit from 2018, referring to numerous government car accidents at that time. Antoni Macierewicz, then Prime Minister Beata Szydło and even President Andrzej Duda had problems. The government media – TVP at that time – most often shifted the blame away from the government columns and pointed to problems with other road users or bad weather conditions. Opposition media – mainly TVN – showed that the blame could often lie with politicians themselves, who encouraged people to hurry, and with drivers who did not respect speed limits. The sketch addressed the issue of differences in narration between television stations:

Here you have the version for Polsat and here for TVN – says the actor playing the role of an employee of the Government Protection Bureau. When asked where the information for national television is, he adds:

They know what to say.

Accidents of government columns with politicians on board became one of the main topics in news programs in 2017-2019. At least once a month, the media reported further collisions. The most famous one is, of course, the crash of a government column with the then Prime Minister Beata Szydło on board with a small seicento.

Source: Gazeta

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