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Plant it in the garden and wait.  They will grow so luxuriantly that they want to touch the sky.  They are not afraid of drought

Plant it in the garden and wait. They will grow so luxuriantly that they want to touch the sky. They are not afraid of drought

Is the Dalmatian bellflower growing? If you are looking for a plant in your garden that will create a carpet of blooming flowers, you couldn’t have found a better place. Check what the plant’s requirements are and what to do to keep it blooming for up to 4 months.

When looking for a garden, many people look for plants that do not need much attention, grow luxuriantly and delight even the most demanding eye. If you are currently in such a situation, check what the Dalmatian bell looks like and what are its characteristics. This inconspicuous plant may soon become your garden favorite.

Is the Dalmatian bellflower growing? It will create a lush decorative carpet in the garden

Dalmatian bellflower is an ornamental perennial plant characterized by a bell-shaped shape. It grows to about 20 cm in height and can come in various colors – pink, white, purple and blue. Small and concentrated flowers can charm, but it is also worth knowing how to care for them. Although the plant blooms profusely and grows quickly, it does not have too many requirements. What is worth paying attention to?

The position is important. The bell will develop in a slightly shaded and sunny place, but without direct contact with the sun. Interestingly, the plant is frost-resistant and is not afraid of frosts even down to -23 degrees Celsius. When it comes to soil, permeable soil with a drainage layer will work, ensuring adequate water flow. Be careful not to let water stand in the roots, as this may cause them to rot. What is the soil pH? The Dalmatian bell is not capricious, so you don’t have to pay too much attention to it.

Dalmatian bellflower – illustrative photo Photo Pislari

How long does the Dalmatian bellflower bloom? You can enjoy it most of the season

The Dalmatian bellflower is considered a long-blooming plant, because we can enjoy its flowers from June to August, and in some cases even until September. To make sure they last until this deadline, pay attention to a few care treatments that are very easy.

First of all, it is very important to water the bluebells during heat and drought, ensuring that the soil is moderately moist, but not wet (you can check its condition by simply putting your finger in it). Remember that overwatering is much worse for the plant than overdrying, and it can survive drought to some extent. Skip strong fertilizers (they are not needed) and only remove faded inflorescences. Enough and more than enough to make the bell delight you for a long time. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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