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This is the suffering of thousands of people.  Take PLN 30 and go to the pharmacy.  Once or twice you will get rid of the “chicken skin”

This is the suffering of thousands of people. Take PLN 30 and go to the pharmacy. Once or twice you will get rid of the “chicken skin”

Beautiful skin is the dream of many people. To have this, we can spend a lot of money on various cosmetics and treatments. Mostly, however, we focus on the face. Meanwhile, sometimes other parts of the body also cry out for a moment of attention. “Chicken skin” is a real torment for many people.

“Chicken skin” is quite a popular cosmetic problem. It most often appears on the arms, legs, back and buttocks. It is officially called perifollicular keratosis. It manifests itself with numerous small pimples on the body. They can be rough and red and are often quite difficult to control. In many cases, they do not cause pain, so they are ignored. Others, however, cannot stand unpleasant skin and fight it like their worst enemy.

“Chicken skin” is a problem for up to 80 percent. people

“Chicken skin”, i.e. perifollicular keratosis, may be a genetic or lifestyle-related ailment. The most common cause is vitamin A deficiency. People with atopic skin or acne-prone skin are also at risk. As we read on the website, perifollicular keratosis may affect up to 80%. people at some point in their lives.

“Chicken skin” – how to deal with it? One product from the pharmacy will help

How to fight perifollicular keratosis? New York dermatologist Dr. Mark Strom eagerly shares his knowledge and experience with his followers via social media. “Chicken skin” often appears in his posts and videos because he struggles with it himself. The expert revealed a simple way to get rid of this problem literally overnight. In addition, you do not need any expensive medications, although a visit to a drugstore or pharmacy will be necessary.

When he notices that the problem is getting worse, the dermatologist uses a product with 7% before going to bed. concentration of glycolic acid, which exfoliates dead epidermis and smoothes the skin (you can buy it in pharmacies or drugstores, and prices start from PLN 30). Once it dries, she applies a thick layer of oily moisturizer on top. Finally, the whole thing is secured with a layer of Vaseline to additionally retain water in the skin.

Some say this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it really works. The next morning the skin is much softer and smoother

– said the dermatologist in the recording.

It is worth remembering to always consult specialists in case of any doubts. An individual examination will allow you to choose the ideal way to combat skin problems. Thanks to this, we will be sure that we are taking care of our body in the best possible way.

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