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Dariusz Prosiecki was a reporter of “Fakty” TVN.  Now he has an important job at Poczta Polska

Dariusz Prosiecki was a reporter of “Fakty” TVN. Now he has an important job at Poczta Polska

Dariusz Prosiecki was a popular reporter of “Fakty” TVN for many years. In 2021, he decided to quit journalism and started a new stage in his career. Now it’s time for further changes, because he has just taken up the position of director of one of the offices of Poczta Polska.

According to reports, a long-time reporter of “Fakty” TVN, Dariusz Prosiecki, took up a lucrative position at Poczta Polska. From now on, he is the director of the international cooperation and philately office in a state-owned company. He announced his change of employment via social media.

In 2021, he disappeared from television. Since then, he has held important positions

For the last two years, the journalist was the director of the marketing and communication department at Employers of Poland, and previously he worked for almost a year as the Chief Communication and Image Specialist at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

Dariusz Prosiecki previously worked in the media for decades. He started in 1994 as an employee of RMF FM, and later moved to Radio ZET. In 2004, he became a reporter for TVN24, and soon after he moved to the editorial office of “Fakty” TVN, from which he left in 2021.

He was a journalist for almost 30 years. When he left TVN, he talked about the need for change

His materials mainly concerned defence, crime and security. However, he rarely got involved in political issues. He prepared materials, among others: about the army and special services. He was also the station’s correspondent. He reported on conflicts in Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

– I needed new challenges, a step forward in my career. The new job is also closely related to my interests: I have been passionate about aviation for years – this is, among other things, how he explained the reason for changing his profession in 2021 in an interview with .

Source: Gazeta

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