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Put bay leaves under the doormat and wait a few days.  You will immediately understand why I have been doing this for years

Put bay leaves under the doormat and wait a few days. You will immediately understand why I have been doing this for years

Each of us has bay leaves in the kitchen, which we use when cooking soups and sauces. However, it turns out that this is not their only application. In my family they have been put under the mat for years. This is supposed to bring amazing results.

Bay leaf is a dried leaf of the laurel plant. It has a light green color and an intense, aromatic scent. It is used in cooking as a spice. It is added to soups, bigos, sauces and roasts. Few people know that the plant was considered magical in ancient times. According to the Greeks and Romans, it protected the house from evil magic. Remember to take the following description with a pinch of salt.

Does bay leaf bring luck? Put a few pieces under the mat

The Greeks and Romans planted laurel in front of their houses because they believed that it would protect them from misfortune, e.g. a thunderstorm. Over the years, people forgot about the unique properties of the leaves and they became permanent only in . However, there are people who still believe in their special power. An example is my grandmother, who has been there for years puts four pieces of bay leaves under the wiper.

According to beliefs, it brings happiness and wealth, and additionally protects against negative events. It is best to arrange the leaves in such a way as to create a cross. This will keep bad energy away from your home. For better results, you can rub the leaves with tangerine oil. This is to unleash their power.

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What does bay leaf help with? You will sleep better immediately

The trick of putting bay leaves under the doormat is not the only way to use their extraordinary properties. You can also put one piece under your pillow. According to superstition, it will act as a protective amulet. It will provide you with a peaceful, healthy sleep and eliminate insomnia. If you have a problem and you have no idea how to solve it, a bay leaf placed under your pillow will bring you the answer in a dream. Some people also carry a leaf in their purse or wallet because it is supposed to help them fulfill their dreams and improve their financial situation. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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