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Netflix users targeted by fraudsters.  Watch out for these messages

Netflix users targeted by fraudsters. Watch out for these messages

Netflix users targeted by fraudsters.  Watch out for these messages

Internet fraudsters are not sleeping and this time they are impersonating a streaming giant. Although the fake website looks deceptively similar to the original one, the actions that users are encouraged to take are questionable from the very beginning.

In the age of the Internet, fraud involving the extortion of money or personal data awaits us at every step. Especially recently, when the frequency of these practices has increased significantly, we should approach messages sent to our virtual mailboxes with due caution. The same applies, of course, to telephone calls from unverified numbers and alleged representatives of popular companies.

Scammers impersonate Netflix. What to watch out for?

On the Internet, we can increasingly come across warnings that, if issued in time, can protect us from the consequences of fraudsters’ actions. A message regarding a new phishing campaign was recently issued by CERT Orange, the entity responsible for the security of Internet users. This time, the fraudsters targeted Netflix subscribers.

Fraudsters impersonate a streaming giant, threatening users with alleged “account blocking”. At the beginning we receive an SMS from which we learn about the need to “update your availability”. Our concerns should be raised by the slogan itself, which, by the way, sounds very enigmatic. The link provided in the SMS takes the user to a website whose address does not match the official Netflix domain (this is another thing that looks disturbing). The website asks for personal data and card number, and the payment option with vouchers is not available.

Therefore, if we receive an SMS with the above-mentioned content, do not click on the link sent under any circumstances. It is best to delete such a message from your mailbox immediately. Please remember that Netflix never contacts users who delay paying for their subscription. If the package fee is not paid, the viewer’s account will simply be blocked.

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