The National Police has recovered one of the artist’s paintings in a property in Madrid Francis Bacon, valued at five million euroswhich was stolen from a home in the capital in 2015.

As reported by the General Directorate of the Police, the location has occurred as a result of the investigations carried out regarding two people who were arrested in February who allegedly acted as recipients of two stolen works.

The investigation began in 2015 after the theft, from a home in Madrid, of five paintings by the artist valued at a total of 25 million euros.

Last February, investigations led to the arrest in Madrid of two people responsible for a crime of receiving the artist’s stolen paintings.

As a result of these arrests, and as a consequence of different police efforts, one of the two stolen works that remained to be recovered was located. in a property in the Spanish capital.

Since the investigation began 16 people have been arrested allegedly involved in the theft, among whom would be both the intellectual and material authors of the robbery.

The investigation remains open in order to recover the remaining work and proceed to the arrest of the people who have it in their possession.