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Numerous rapes and sexual assaults.  The producer of the series “Holy Doctors” appeared in court

Numerous rapes and sexual assaults. The producer of the series “Holy Doctors” appeared in court

In July 2022, Eric Weinberg, producer of the series “Holy Doctors”, was arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault. Now the filmmaker appears in court in Los Angeles. He faces multiple life sentences.

A hearing against Eric Weinberg took place on Tuesday in a Los Angeles courtroom. The producer of the series “High Doctors” and “Californication” was charged with a total of 28 allegations of rape and sexual assault committed against eight victims. Nine women have testified against Weinberg in the last two weeks. Their stories indicate that Weinberg acted in public places. He accosted the victims and then offered them photo sessions at his home. This is where rapes and assaults allegedly took place. “I was afraid he would kill me,” one of the women said during the interrogation, according to Variety.

The producer of the series “High Doctors” may receive a multiple life sentence

The court dismissed the allegations of four victims because it found that the case was time-barred or there was insufficient evidence, but the remaining allegations were enough to start a trial against the filmmaker. Eric Weinberg has been in prison since his 2022 arrest. The court rejected the bail application – it stated that the producer may pose a threat to society.

According to Variety, one of the women testified that before going to Weinberg’s house, several other “models” called her and encouraged her to take part in the shoot. The second victim testified that after raping her, the producer forced her to contact the potential victim in exchange for her release. The woman was supposed to report to the police only when she learned about the filmmaker’s arrest.

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