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He is 100 years old, works and has no complaints about his health.  This is what her diet looks like.  “Doctors are amazed”

He is 100 years old, works and has no complaints about his health. This is what her diet looks like. “Doctors are amazed”

Hilda Jaffe lives in New York, where she regularly visits her favorite restaurants. In his diet, which he does not pay much attention to, he focuses on simple meals. The woman does not complain about lack of strength, and she still works. There would be nothing surprising about it if it weren’t for the fact that it is a hundred years old.

Hilda Jaffe is a hundred-year-old resident of the USA who, despite her age, is still very strong and healthy. The woman is still professionally active, as she works as a tour guide at the New York Public Library. As she revealed, she doesn’t bother with a diet, but it must include certain products.

He is 100 years old and still working. What is her secret?

The senior works as a guide. Her case has even intrigued scientists who are trying to discover the secret of longevity. In turn, the woman points out that genes play an important role here, because her father lived to the age of eighty, and her mother to the age of ninety. It also turns out that the centenarian has certain preferences when it comes to diet. Contrary to appearances, it is not about healthy, vegetable or other ecological products. What does he eat?

This is what a centenarian’s diet looks like. It even has burgers

Hilda doesn’t particularly care about hers, but she does have some preferences that are worth taking a closer look at. At least once a week he goes to his favorite restaurant, where he orders what he wants from memory. Most often, these are 2 fried eggs, fried on both sides, with a medium-set yolk, with home-made fries and rye toast without jam. He usually chooses decaffeinated coffee with milk to drink. Sometimes he also chooses sweet French toast, a spicy hamburger or eggs in another form. The meals he orders consist of a mixture of carbohydrates and protein, which is a relatively healthy combination. At home, women choose more vegetables. For dinner, he usually eats a salad with protein, and during the day he also eats a sandwich with cheese or meat.

He walks a lot, solves crosswords and meets people. Is that her secret?

Not only diet can be responsible for a woman’s good health, but also regular exercise. Hilda gets around the city almost exclusively on foot, and also walks a lot while working, because after all, she is a guide. She often relieves her grandchildren of the burden of caring for her great-grandchildren. In addition, he solves crosswords every day, reads a lot and sleeps enough. Her excellent condition and health made her even the subject of research by scientists who tried to discover the secret of her longevity. – All my doctors are amazed – she joked in an interview with “”. According to specialists, Hilda is also a perfect example of the fact that positive interpersonal relationships also have a positive impact on our health. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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