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Pulp Fiction bloopers.  One even appeared in the iconic scene with a syringe

Pulp Fiction bloopers. One even appeared in the iconic scene with a syringe

Pulp Fiction bloopers.  One even appeared in the iconic scene with a syringe

May 21, 2024 marks exactly 30 years since the premiere of “Pulp Fiction” in Cannes. The film is still considered one of the most important works of contemporary cinema. However, even in such an appreciated production there were some minor mistakes.

“Pulp Fiction” is the most popular work that established the director’s position among the most outstanding creators of contemporary cinema. The film weaves four stories filled with crimes and violence and is the essence of Tarantino’s style, which the artist will hone over the next years. Tarantino wrote the first script for the film for a year, and after that time the script had 500 pages.

30 years since the premiere of “Pulp Fiction” in Cannes

“Pulp Fiction” premiered on May 21, 1994 during the Cannes Film Festival, where Tarantino’s work was awarded the Palme d’Or. Then the picture was nominated for seven Oscars, including best picture, director and editing. Tarantino and Roger Avary, the creators of the internationally acclaimed screenplay “Pulp Fiction”, left the ceremony with statuettes.

However, even such culturally important works as “Pulp Fiction” have their shortcomings. After subsequent viewings, attentive viewers began to notice inaccuracies that appeared in the film, even in familiar scenes. The bloopers we can observe on the screen were summarized by Jason Bailey in his book published on the 20th anniversary of the film’s premiere.

Bloopers in “Pulp Fiction”. You may not have noticed these mistakes

One of the shortcomings in “Pulp Fiction” can be seen in the execution scene in Brett’s (Frank Whaley) apartment. Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta) shoot the man, then both empty their magazines. When Tarantino returns to the above-mentioned scene and the “fourth guy” jumps out of the bathroom, both Vincent and Jules still have something to shoot at, as the said man quickly discovers. In the same scene, the set design is also inconsistent. While Jules and Vincent are talking to Marvin (Phil LaMarr), a bullet-riddled wall can be seen behind them. However, in the film, shots were fired only later.

One of the most memorable scenes from “Pulp Fiction” is the moment of saving Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) with an adrenaline injection. After a dramatic scene, Mia jumps up from the floor with a syringe in her heart, but her body is missing the dot that Vincent Vega had clearly drawn earlier.

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