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Can your drawings touch hearts?  Take part in the second stage of the “Piórko” competition and fight for PLN 100,000

Can your drawings touch hearts? Take part in the second stage of the “Piórko” competition and fight for PLN 100,000

Can your drawings touch hearts?  Take part in the second stage of the “Piórko” competition and fight for PLN 100,000

The extraordinary heroes of the honored work are – a little girl who fights an unknown world in a new place, and an orphan puppy who becomes a hero for his dog family. Their fates intertwine in an extraordinary way, surprising readers on each subsequent page. “Piórko. Biedronka Award for a children’s book” is a well-deserved distinction for the author Agnieszka Piwoń, who created a magical story, full of adventures and emotions. Now it’s time for illustrators who will add a colorful setting to this unique work and also fight for the main prize of PLN 100,000.

Our parents will have a problem telling their children not to get a dog! – the jurors of the “Piórko. Biedronka Award for a Children’s Book” competition laughed as they chose the winning story in the 10th anniversary edition of the competition. The competition entry turned out to be the best among over 2,300 works submitted in the first stage of this year’s edition of the competition. The winner, Agnieszka Piwoń, received the main prize of PLN 100,000 from the organizer, the Biedronka chain. PLN.

The unique story of Agnieszka Piwoñ

The story that touched the jurors’ hearts focuses on current problems of modern families. Changing working and environmental conditions, lack of time for communication between children and adults, difficulties in acceptance among peers, as well as the suffering of animals abandoned in the forest and the problem of homelessness. However, the author not only introduces us to these difficulties, but also shows ways to deal with them. It points to the importance of conversation, empathy and respect for all living beings.

I liked the two perspectives – the dog’s and the human’s, as well as the language – and I felt like I wanted to keep reading. – summarizes Arkadiusz Mierzwa, member of the Award Committee, representative of the Biedronka chain.

What characterizes a winning story? Quoting the juror – Wiktor Zborowski – The chosen story is empathetic, sympathetic and well-written.

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The reason for this delight is Agnieszka Piwoñ, a resident of Ruda ¦ląska, who works at the City Hall on a daily basis, where she is responsible for obtaining external funds for city investments. Privately, she is a wife and mother of a sixteen-year-old daughter, Ola, and the owner of two guinea pigs. He is passionate about traveling and books. He loves animals and nature.

I have always loved making up different stories. So far, I have only shared them with my daughter. When Ola was still little, she listened to them with a flushed face. Now I decided to share one of them. – admits Agnieszka Piwoñ, the winner of the competition.

Will readers be able to experience similar emotions? We will find out about it on November 14, when the book will be on the shelves and available for sale in all Biedronka chain stores. However, before this happens, the illustrators will provide their proposals for visualizing this story. This means the start of the second stage of the competition, which will be available to all interested parties.

Magic locked in illustrations

Children’s books are full of magical worlds, amazing adventures and extraordinary heroes whose imagination knows no limits. That is why it is so important that these types of books also include colorful and captivating illustrations. They not only attract the attention of the youngest readers, but also help them better understand the content and build their imagination. Thanks to them, children can feel the world described in the book, the characters and their surroundings, and more easily understand the plot and emotions that accompany them while reading. Illustrations also have an educational character – they shape their aesthetic imagination and develop artistic skills. Additionally, the visual form of the story can make reading even more attractive and enjoyable for the child, encouraging them to continue reading and discovering new books. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that children’s books are richly illustrated, thus creating an unforgettable reading adventure that will remain in the memory of the youngest for a long time.

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The Piórko competition is waiting for illustrator applications

From May 17, all debuting, adult illustrators can register at to take part in the competition. Their task is to send graphic proposals by July 1 that will reflect the spirit of the winning story and complement it in the book. More information and rules of participation in the competition can be found in the regulations:

The submitted works, in the illustration category, will be assessed by the Award Committee, consisting of recognized representatives of the world of art who have extensive experience in illustrating for the youngest. The winner of the second stage has a chance to win as much as PLN 100,000 from Biedronka. However, this is not the end of the benefits! Success in the Piórko competition can open up new opportunities for creators, providing them with a chance to develop their careers. The competition organizer also ensures continued cooperation with the winners. The preparation of the visualization of the second stage of this year’s edition of the competition was entrusted to the winners of previous years, i.e. Julia Hanke (winner from 2019) and Aleksandra Lipka (winner from 2023).


  • The second stage of the Competition lasts from May 17, 2024 to date September 23, 2024. Submissions are accepted via the website from May 17 to July 1 (23:59).
  • Announcement of the winner of the 2nd stage and the cover will be presented 23/09 during the inauguration of the Reading Aloud Week at Biedronka.
  • November 14 – Start of sales in all Biedronka books chain storeswhich was created as a result of the “Piórko 2024. Biedronka Children’s Book Award” competition.

The Piórko competition is one of the most prestigious literary competitions in Poland. Since 2015, over 30,000 works have been submitted in both categories. So far, nine books have been published and have enjoyed great interest from readers. The winners received a total of prizes worth PLN 1.8 million from the organizer and founder – the Biedronka chain.

The media patrons of the “Piórko 2024. Biedronka Award for a children’s book” competition are:, e-Dziecko, Ksi±¿ki Magazine for reading,, Radio TOK FM and the Book and Media VIVELO 2024. Since the first edition, the honorary patronage of Piórek has been held by the Ombudsman for Children. So far, books published as part of the Piórko series have reached over 560,000 Polish children.

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