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This is what Teresa Lipowska’s 50-year-old son looks like today.  When he was born, she said “it was a miracle”

This is what Teresa Lipowska’s 50-year-old son looks like today. When he was born, she said “it was a miracle”

Although she was successful both on stage and on the screen, fate did not spare her in private. After an unsuccessful marriage, Teresa Lipowska found happiness only with Tomasz Zaliwski, with whom she lived for over 40 years. Together they had a son, but their path to parenthood was long and bumpy. What does the only child of the “M jak Mi¶æ” star do today?

is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses in domestic show business. From the beginning of her career, she found fulfillment by appearing both in theater and on screen. However, she gained real recognition only in the early 2000s thanks to the series in which she created the role of the senior of the Mostowiak family. Despite her successes in her profession, she could not find fulfillment in her private life for a long time.

Lipowska thought that the only way to motherhood would be adoption. A “miracle” happened unexpectedly

Although she had many different roles under her belt, she had to wait many years for the most important one in her life. Lipowska openly admitted that her biggest dream was to become a mother, but the path to fulfilling it was extremely difficult. With her second husband, Tomasz Zaliwski, she tried unsuccessfully to enlarge their family for over a decade. – I was desperate because I couldn’t imagine life without children – in the “Przyjaciółka” magazine. At one point she even started to consider it, and when she decided to go for it, she found out that she was pregnant. – So I decided to adopt. And when my friend Zosia Lengren and I started visiting orphanages, I suddenly became pregnant. And it was a miracle, she recalled.

The couple’s long-awaited partner, Marcin, appeared in the world in 1974 and turned their lives upside down. – His birth was for me the greatest premiere I have ever experienced – said Lipowska with emotion. Although her family was her priority, she did not want to give up her career. After only 3 months after giving birth, the actress returned to work in the theater, which, as she argues, made her child quickly become independent. – My son is an only child, but I have never been overprotective. I wanted to play. Even when Marcin was three months old, I left him with my husband or mother and went to performances. I worked a lot in the theater and on the stage, so he quickly learned to cope – in an interview for E-Teatr.

This is the relationship between the “M jak miłość” star and her only son. What does Marcin Zaliwski do?

she never hid the fact that she had been dreaming of a big family for years and to this day she regrets not having more children. She openly admits that if the in vitro method had been available at that time, she and her husband would probably have decided to use it. Her son is her greatest pride, and she treats his wife as her own daughter. – I regret that I don’t have more children, but I am happy because at least I have one, but I have a wonderful son with a big heart. But I also have a daughter, my daughter-in-law Ania, whom I also love and appreciate very much – she said in one of the interviews and added that she can rely on their help and support in any situation. – When I go to them, I never say: “I’m going to my son.” I say: “I’m going to my children,” she said.

Marcin Zaliwski also always talks about her warmly and in only superlatives. In an interview for E-Teatr, he even talked about what his childhood was like. He directly admitted that although he still has a good relationship with his mother, she was not lenient towards him and placed great importance on education and development. However, she never encouraged him to follow in her footsteps, and even discouraged him from becoming an artist. – She used the time she spent with me very intensively: she read to me, we walked in the park. Mom is very principled. When he demands something, it has to be done. You can’t get rid of her with just any promises. She wanted me to practice playing the piano and she was strict about it. My requests to go out into the yard were in vain, he recalled with a laugh.

In 2024, Marcin Zaliwski will celebrate his 50th birthday. The actress’s son graduated in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics and worked in one of the banks for many years. Later, he worked as a manager in a company renting private jets, and also fulfilled his childhood dream by obtaining a pilot’s license. It has even carried out flights with passengers on board and intends to continue developing in this direction.

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