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Swearings on Republika TV in broad daylight!  There is a reaction from the National Broadcasting Council

Swearings on Republika TV in broad daylight! There is a reaction from the National Broadcasting Council

In recent months, many obscene and scandalous words have been said on Republika TV, but the National Broadcasting Council did not see any problem with it. Now it has somewhat changed. The National Council initiated proceedings regarding the Sakiewicza station, on which profanity could be heard in the afternoon.

On May 9, 2024, in the afternoon, TV Republika covered the farmers’ sit-in strike in the Sejm. At one point, viewers of the station could see great confusion on the screen, and in the background they could hear profanity uttered by an employee. – But fuck, what am I supposed to do? I don’t have these things, f*** you, said the employee at TV Republika.

The portal received information according to which the National Broadcasting Council has initiated proceedings. – The National Broadcasting Council has launched explanatory activities in this matter – the spokeswoman of the National Council, Teresa Brykczyńska, told the industry portal.

A former member of the National Broadcasting Council reacted in this case. He referred to the last penalty for swearing at TVN24

A complaint regarding swearing on TV Republika during protected time was filed by Krzysztof Luft, a member of the National Broadcasting Council in 2010-2016. His letter included references to the last fine imposed by the head of the National Broadcasting Council on the TVN24 station for Krzysztof Daukszewicz’s vulgar words during the “Contact Glass” program in May last year.

During the program, vulgar words are spoken on the air by the station’s employees, which violates Art. 18 section 7 of the Broadcasting Act. From the same article, on April 9, 2024, the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council fined the TVN station for an almost identical violation of the provisions of the Act. The only thing that differed between the situations was the time of broadcast – on TVN at approximately 23, and on TV Republika at 16.17.

“It is also worth noting that vulgar words were spoken on TVN just before 11 p.m., i.e. on the border of the so-called protected time referred to in Article 18(5), which protects minors from access to content that may have a negative impact on their development. moral. Meanwhile, at Telewizja Republika, the event took place at 4:17 p.m., when many children, even small children, could watch the program. It was also an obvious violation of Article 18(5). – we read further in the letter.

Not only TVN24 and TV Republika. The National Council will also look into the blunder of a “Panorama” reporter

Recently, the National Council also initiated proceedings against TVP2. In “Panorama”, reporter Marcin Dryszel had a mishap during a live report. Under the influence of emotion, he used profanity when he was unable to express himself well. After this incident, the journalist was suspended.

Source: Gazeta

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