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In these sandals I feel like I’m walking on a cloud!  The openwork model sells out in no time

In these sandals I feel like I’m walking on a cloud! The openwork model sells out in no time

Beautiful, light and incredibly comfortable – this is how I would describe in a few words the openwork moccasins that I managed to find at Tymoteo. They match everything and are perfect for trips. As soon as I brought them home, my mother and sister immediately ran out to buy the same ones.

If, like me, you like to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time, I have great news for you! Now in the Tymoteo store you will find openwork flip-flops that win the hearts of women of all ages.

openwork flip-flops

They are incredibly light and practical, and what’s more, they look like those from the most expensive boutiques. Is it worth having such a model in your collection? Definitely yes! Let me give you some important reasons.

Worth checking:

Why is it worth choosing openwork shoes? There are many reasons!

First of all, whether you’ve got a long day ahead of you or you’re on a relaxing vacation, these ultra-comfortable shoes will always be your go-to.

Secondly, they really go with any outfit – I’m not kidding! Their universal color means that regardless of whether you choose a bold, colorful look or subdued, classic elegance, these openwork sandals from Tymoteo will perfectly complement your styling.

I can’t imagine summer without openwork clothes! They are incredibly airy and stylish

It is also worth adding that openwork is one of the hottest trends this season. Not only when it comes to shoes! This summer, the streets will be flooded with openwork styles – dresses, shirts, blouses and even trousers!

Just look at these divine models from Lasocki and Rieker – it’s really hard to ignore such opportunities. If you don’t have openwork clothing items in your collection yet, it’s high time to change it!

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